The Best Excuses for Asking Your Boss to Leave Early

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Even if you are the most hardworking and dedicated worker, at some point in your career, you will sometimes want (or really, really, really need) to leave work early.

After all, we are humans and we have obligations that simply cannot be delegated or controlled to weekends or non-working hours. As long as you are not overdoing it all the time, I believe your supervisor will understand and grant your request to leave work early or even come in late. What is important is that your excuse is legitimate, urgent or important. For your supervisor, it really is not a big deal to let you go early, unless there is an urgent task that needs to be taken care of.

There can be factors that will help or even hurt your chances of being able to get out of work early. I feel the organisational culture is vital, as well as your own relationship with your supervisor. Your work history, punctuality and overall attendance is also important in figuring out your chances of getting an early leave. While some companies expect workers to come in early and sty late in office to shoe their ‘dedication’, others will encourage employees to keep a healthy work-life balance and maintain their well-being.

It has been generally seen that your supervisors will treat you favourably if they view you as dedicated and hardworking. Considering the perception your management has of you, you might be able to get excused absences for some part of the workday. On the other hand, employees who have a habit of skipping work, arriving late or leaving early without a good reason will most likely face problems in getting the approvals for leaving early. Before I discuss the best excuses that you can make to leave work early, it is important to note that how your boss receives your request depends on HOW you ask. One good approach is to request rather than inform. This will show your boss that you value his/her approval. You can also mention how the work will be managed in your absence, reassuring your boss that the important tasks will not get affected. If relevant, you could also mention how you plan to make up the time by coming early the next day or working from home.

Make sure you check my other blog post, titled ‘How to Ask your Boss if you Can Leave Work Early – Like a Pro.’ Now let us look at the best excuses for asking your boss to leave early:

These were all good reasons to give your boss when looking to leave early.  So what are the excuses you should never give? Below is a list of bad reasons to give for leaving work early:

Do you have any other tips to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments section. Also, if you use any of the good excuses mentioned here, do share your experience with all of us here.

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