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50 Things About Me That You Probably Didn’t Know or Care About

Celebrating New Year's
Celebrating New Year’s
  1. I am British and I speak with a British accent
  2. I have a 17 year old Son
  3. I have four brothers, all younger
  4. I live in Nailsworth, England
  5. I have lived and worked in Seattle, WA for a while and fell in love with Pike Place Market
  6. I am an entrepreneur and CEO of a SaaS company, helping business leaders with change
  7. I was born in Manchester, in the north west of England
  8. I love New York City, and I also Greece and Spain
  9. I am a MBA graduate from the University of Liverpool
  10. As well as a BSc graduate in Computer Science
  11. I have a Specialist Certificate in Business Strategy from Harvard Business School
  12. I’d like to do a PhD, but to be honest it’s only because I’d like to choose to be called Dr Stapleton
  13. My passion is personal growth and development
  14.  I also coach ‘rising stars’ to achieve more than they ever thought they could
  15. And help people through tough times too
  16. My previous employers were Microsoft, Oracle, and a string of US startups, particularly through the DotCom boom, and bust
  17. My most famous failed project was BOO.COM
  18. In my career I have been in roles focused on 1st line support, consulting, network security, web development, and management
  19. My favorite kind of work is complex and challenging problems in a pressured environment
  20. I am not as effective in a steady state
  21. I thrive in extraordinary situations
  22. Most of my experience is in financial services
  23. I have written articles for several IT industry and Legal Sector magazines
  24. And have had two articles featured on the British Computer Society website
  25. I have been quoted in the Washington Post on the subject of reverse headhunting using social media
  26. And contributed to two books about social media
  27. I am available for comment or contribution to similar publications – get in touch
  28. I am an author of 4 books on personal development and support
  29. I am also an author of a novel about Sherlock Holmes’ neighbour (who turns out to be the brains behind the mysteries)
  30. Sequels will follow!
  31. I think, one day, I will turn my hand to becoming a serious author of books, but not necessarily an author of serious books
  32. I love to spend time with my son
  33. He often asks me questions that only a visit to Wikipedia can help me
  34. I am 6’4″ tall
  35. I have my own hair and teeth!
  36. I love real ale
  37. And real coffee, but tend to drink super-strong ‘builders’ tea (no milk or sugar please!)
  38. I am not a fashionista
  39. I’d hate to be a fashionista. although I appreciate style and the aesthetic
  40. I love music of many varieties – my iTunes collection is described by friends as ‘eclectic’
  41. My favorite author is Terry Pratchett (RIP)
  42. And my favorite books are the Discworld series
  43. My favorite TV show is Game of Thrones, and I like The Blacklist, Westworld and Boardwalk Empire too
  44. I drive a black BMW X5
  45. Although I love to ride bikes
  46. I destroyed my Porsche Speedster a few years ago – not a happy moment
  47. I prefer rugby than soccer – it’s a ‘proper’ game
  48. I enjoy photography, but I consider myself an total amateur at present
  49. I am useless at golf, which is why, one day, I will be taking lessons
  50. Taking walks on a friday evening through my Cotswold town, followed by the pub with my friends and dog, is my favorite activity of all
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