Perfect Excuses for Phoning in Sick

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It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, even with the most well-intentioned intentions, it’s just not possible to make it into work. Whether you’ve got an unavoidable family commitment, you’re feeling a little under the weather or you simply need some time off, if you’re looking for excuses for phoning in sick then read on for all the inspiration you need!

When it comes to calling in sick there are plenty of excuses available – from the plausible to the outrageous. However, if you don’t want any awkward questions or suspicion from your boss then it pays to pick one that will get their sympathy rather than their scrutiny. To help get your creative juices flowing here’s a look at some perfect excuses for phoning in sick and how to use them effectively.

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The Stress Leave Excuse

Stress affects everyone differently and occasionally we can find ourselves unable to cope with our daily lives due to overwhelming levels of stress. In these cases taking some time away from work can be invaluable – both mentally and physically – which makes this excuse especially effective (and often more sympathetic) than other more ‘mundane’ illnesses. All employers are obliged by law to offer their employees reasonable levels of support when dealing with stress related issues so make sure that yours does too!

The Classic Headache Excuse

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This is probably one of the oldest and most popular excuses for calling in sick and has been used by countless generations before us! If you’re feeling a bit tired or stressed but don’t want to raise any eyebrows then this is usually a safe bet. Just be sure not to oversell it – after all, no employer wants an employee who is constantly suffering headaches!

The Stomach Flu Excuse

If you’re feeling really unwell then this could be your golden ticket. It’s particularly good if your symptoms are vague enough that they can’t be proved (or disproved) – such as nausea or dizziness – and doesn’t require too much explanation (after all, everyone knows what it feels like when they’ve got stomach flu!). Plus, there’s always the added bonus of potentially getting out early should things take a turn for the worse!

The Family Emergency Excuse

Life throws up all kinds of surprises and sometimes they occur when we least expect them – like during office hours! Whether it’s an unexpected relative visiting or an elderly parent who needs extra care, these kinds of situations can often catch us off guard and leave us needing time out from work. Luckily though this excuse is widely accepted by employers so long as there’s proof (e.g., evidence of hospital visits). So don’t forget to bring along those documents next time you need some time off!

The Pet Emergencies Excuse

In many cases pets become part of our families so it’s only natural that we would do everything possible to ensure their safety and wellbeing when they become ill or injured. This excuse can be especially effective if used sparingly as employers are usually understanding when faced with unforeseen pet emergencies; however its effectiveness may vary depending on location/industry/etc., so use wisely!

The Unavoidable Appointment Excuse

Sometimes life throws up unavoidable appointments which have no option but attendance; such as medical check ups, legal matters or court hearings etc.. These kinds of appointments take priority over work commitments which makes them ideal excuses for missing work – just remember though that proof may be required in order for employers to accept them without question so plan ahead accordingly!

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The Weather Related Excuse

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In regions where extreme weather conditions prevail this excuse can come in very handy; although its effectiveness varies greatly depending on location/industry etc., For example: snow days may be accepted without question in colder climates whereas rain days may cause suspicion elsewhere – just keep your wits about you!

The Car Trouble Excuse

This old classic never fails – whether your car has broken down on route or simply won’t start due its age (or lack thereof!) having car trouble is always a valid excuse provided there’s proof available (e.g., repair receipts). After all nobody likes being stranded far away from home…especially during rush hour traffic jams!!

The Homesickness Excuse

It might sound silly but sometimes homesickness hits hard – especially after long periods away from home due to business trips/holidays etc.. This kind of sickness usually doesn’t last longer than a few days which makes it ideal for short term absences; plus employers tend not ask too many questions since they appreciate that home comforts are important too!

As demonstrated above there are plenty of different excuses available when phoning in sick – from medical maladies through unavoidable appointments right through to pet emergencies…the choice really is yours…just remember not abuse these privileges otherwise expect serious repercussions further down line!.

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