When is it NOT a good idea to ask your boss if you can leave early?

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Asking your boss to leave early is a tricky situation. It can be seen as unprofessional or disrespectful, and it’s important to know when the right time is to make such a request. At some point, most of us have to ask our boss to leave early – that’s a fact of life. But there are certain situations where it is just not appropriate to ask your boss to leave early. Here is a list of scenarios when you should avoid doing so:

  1. When You Have an Important Project due Soon: If you have a big project looming over your head, don’t expect your boss to let you leave early just because you want some extra free time. Your boss knows that projects need to be completed on time and that leaving early would affect the quality of your work.
  2. When Your Boss Is Under Pressure: If your boss is already under pressure from upper management, then asking them to let you leave early will only add more stress onto them. It’s important that you show respect for their position and understand that they have other people counting on them.
  3. During Busy Periods: If your workplace is going through a particularly busy period, then it’s not the right time to ask for an early finish. Your colleagues are likely working hard too and if you were granted special privileges then it could cause resentment amongst the team.
  4. When You Have Too Many Projects On The Go: Similarly, if you already have too many projects on the go, then taking an afternoon off isn’t ideal either. Your workload needs to be manageable at all times, so if asking for an early finish means taking on more work in order to catch up then it’s best not to do so in this instance either.
  5. When You Haven’t Completed Your Hours For The Week: Asking for an early finish when you haven’t completed all of your hours for the week isn’t a good idea either as this could put extra strain on other members of staff who may have been relying on your contribution towards the task at hand.
  6. When You Have Been Unreliable Recently: Asking for an early finish when you have recently been unreliable with tasks or been late coming into work will also send out the wrong message; that being late or unreliable is acceptable behaviour which simply isn’t true!
  7. When You Are The Last Person In The Office: Finally, if you are usually one of the last people in the office but now wish to leave earlier than usual, this could create suspicion amongst colleagues and give them reason to believe that something else is going on which may require further investigation by management!
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To sum up, there are times when asking your boss for an early finish can be beneficial both for yourself and for the company as a whole – but there are also times when it simply isn’t appropriate or respectful of their position within the organisation! Of course, it’s up to you to use your judgment; this post is really to give you some guidance. Make sure that before making any requests like this, consider these points outlined above and make sure that it won’t negatively impact those around you or damage any relationships with colleagues!

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