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In business, brand is everything. This is the public face of your company: the logo, name, slogan, and personality that will attract people towards you and your products. However, even if you have the world’s most enticing brand set up, it’s not worth very much if no one ever hears about it. Getting your brand into the world is one of the most important ongoing concerns of any new business, and chances are you’ll be wracking your brains how to do this most effectively. Now, many people make the mistake of splashing out large amounts into a marketing plan with limited results. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, think outside of the box and spread the net wide to introduce your brand in fresh, interesting ways.


As any SEO consultant will tell you, the best way to market yourself to consumers is by offering them something useful and allowing your brand’s reputation to grow in its wake. This can range from anything such as great content in blogs, explainer videos – and interviews. Does your work make you an expert in a particular area? Do you have particular skills you can share? Pursuing interviews with third-party organizations and websites can add amazing credibility to your brand, gaining respect and trust from the public. If this proves difficult, how about setting yourself up as a host and interviewing those from other businesses (preferably non-competing ones!) – this will also increase your reputation and transform you into a place people go to for advice.

Events and Fairs

Many marketing campaigns these days seem to focus almost wholly on the internet. However, it’s important not to forget that there’s a whole world out there with other opportunities. Trade fairs, public events, and even recruitment fairs are bustling hubs of activity where you can get your brand’s presence noticed. To stand out, use a large format digital printing service to create a banner you can place by your stand to ensure people know exactly who you are and why you are there. The power of real-world marketing, with its tangibility, and the undeniable power of being able to personally speak to and interact with potential customers, cannot be underestimated.


If there’s one thing that people love – pretty much universally – it’s a deal. A great deal or introductory offer will make people share something with their friends, who will share it with their friends, on and on until your net has stretched wider than you could ever throw it by yourself. Word-of-mouth (or private message) is a powerful tool, and if you can find the key to your customers sharing your brand, your marketing campaign can be well on its way. How many times have you signed up for a service because the first item offered was free? Though some people will, of course, take the freebie and leave it at that, a promotion like this is still a fantastic way to promote your brand and get customers onside. If you’re looking for ways to create positive associations with your brand image, this is one of the best solutions.

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