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I’ve just added a Google +1 button to my blog, and I need your help to test it out.

OK so I am a bit slow on uptake on Google+1. But I’ve taken the plunge and added a button to each post to test it out.

I am a bit cautious about adding yet another rating solution to pages as there are oodles of them already. I’ve added the google one because… Well it’s google.

Are these rating widgets just about vanity?

For some, perhaps, but the value of Google +1, and the like, is centered on providing great content. When I get feedback that gives insight into the content you like and find useful (and the content you don’t) then I then know what I should write more about. Simple!

So will you help me test it out please?

Please click the google +1 button next to your favourite posts.


[this post is also another breakthrough for me – it’s the first post I have written completely on my new iPad 2]

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