What Makes a Website Attractive to Consumers?

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Appealing websites are common when you look at the top-end of the spectrum. A site that we all use every day, Google, has an extremely simple interface, it’s easy to find the stuff you need and it serves its intended function as a search engine. Although simple, Google is the perfect example of a website that needs no introduction and can easily be navigated. It’s due to its simplicity and effectiveness that it’s earned such a positive reputation among its users, but can this apply to your own website?

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a fancy way to say “make the website fit whatever the user needs”. If you’ve been browsing the web for a while then you’ve probably come across some websites that just look plain weird on your phone, or perhaps they look cluttered and small in a small window. On the other side of the spectrum, there are websites that look way too small then you maximise them on the screen and some websites just don’t seem to remember your settings and login information.

Responsive design follows the idea that your website should always adjust itself to your visitor, be it the type of device they use or the size of their window. If you want to make an attractive website, then don’t forget about appealing to your audience and making their user experience more comfortable.

Optimised Content

Content needs to be optimised in order to attract not just visitors, but also search engines. Use companies like Sticky to help with search engine optimisation and hire freelance writers and designers to create content that is worth looking at. Make sure you’re not overloading your website with too much information and spread the content out, but ensure that there are easy-to-find links that lead to all the important facts and details that your customers need.

Optimising your content can be done easily by asking people to test your website. Be it friends or family members, ask them to try your website out from the perspective of someone who would use your services and they’ll be able to give you valuable feedback.

Feedback Possibilities

Speaking of feedback, don’t forget that receiving feedback is important. Perhaps your customers found an error on your website or maybe you want to keep communication open with your visitors so they can ask your questions about your product. These are all very real situations, so don’t neglect the possibility that someone browsing your website wants to speak with you.

Ensure all of your feedback forms and comment sections work and that they’re well-managed to give your visitors the ability to speak with you. As a business, you should already know the importance of feedback, and almost (if not all) of those rules can also apply to your website.

It doesn’t take much to create an attractive website but it does sometimes take a little bit of understanding to learn the concepts properly. Make sure you’re taking your website seriously because it’s ultimately the main source of public exposure you have on the internet. With an attractive website, you’ll notice your customer interaction grow and your business will become more successful.

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