Five FREE Ways to Stand Out From Other IT Salespeople

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IT Sales is a tough job. IT buyers don’t suffer fools gladly, and they aren’t tricked by the usual methods employed by door-to-door vacuum cleaner salespeople. IT Sales has developed into an artform, so it’s vital you stand out from your bustling crowd.

Here are five FREE ways to do this:

  1. Call your prospects at agreed times – don’t call them out of the blue. Seems a trivial point but buyers don’t like harassment. Agree a time when you call, and then make sure you call at that time. Buyers need time to prepare for decisions, and if you call without notice then you’re likely to force a wrong decision that may be backtracked later.
  2. Sell with a story – don’t just say that another client bought your product, this means nothing to your prospect. Tell them a story . Say why your other client bought your product, i.e. what business problem your client had, why your solution was best for them, and what the result has been since they purchased. So many IT sales folks I meet don’t use this tactic!
  3. Sell to your client’s values – look around most client offices and you will see posters displaying the mantras of corporate values. Sell to these! Find an angle where your technology helps them stay true to their values. If you can’t find them on the wall, check their website, or ask!
  4. Sell with a Positive Mental Attitude – let’s face it, most IT buyers really don’t like sales people. That’s a harsh truth that has to be accepted. But don’t let that put you off. There’s a guy I know called Chris who is a great salesman because he always displays ‘PMA’. Every knock-down or objection is an opportunity to learn. He never takes it personally. I remember him because he wasn’t pushy, but he was confident that his product was right for my organization and stayed with us despite many rejections.
  5. Above all else, be nice, and be honest – it’s much easier to sell to friends, so be a friend. Ease into the sale, don’t push hard. Pushy salespeople lose sales! If you sell ‘you’ instead of selling product then the whole process will be less threatening to your prospect. By taking a relaxed, friendly approach you will win hearts, giving you the room to win the mind. Honesty is always the best policy, so if your product doesn’t solve the client’s problems then walk away. This is the best tactic of any salesperson I have observed. If you can be remembered for your personality and your tact then you’re much more likely to be invited in again should another opportunity arrive. This is hard to do in the moment, but do it anyway and you will use your time effectively and retain loads of grace with the prospect.

Here is an excellent short clip on how to create that winning sales presentation :

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