An Ever Changing Brief? Here’s How To Manage

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Managing client expectations is a big task. You need to reassure all of your clients that you will work to the best of your abilities and deliver the results that they want, but you shouldn’t get them thinking that you can give them the earth on a plate. You’re only human, after all!

One aspect of managing client expectations is coping with an ever-changing brief. Briefs change for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps the client realizes that the original one isn’t realistic or isn’t going to bring them the high results they had in mind. Sometimes a brief can change and evolve when a client gets some new ideas and inspiration as well. The focus of the brief could also be changed if the client’s competition steps up their game.

The client might really enjoy rethinking their brief and getting creative, but this can be very annoying to you and your team. Work that you have already completed might have to be scrapped, and you might have to start from scratch a few times. But an ever-changing brief isn’t completely unmanageable. Here are some tips to help you deal with it.

Outsource Some Jobs

If the changing task list is getting a bit too much for your team, you might want to think about outsourcing some tasks. A marketing agency, such as Swell Marketing, can take care of any marketing campaigns you need in order to launch the product that you’re busy creating. Even if the main product brief changes, the marketing shouldn’t too much. Generally speaking, outsourced freelancers and contractors won’t mind if you keep on throwing them new jobs at them – after all, you’ll be paying them for it!

Set Boundaries Early On

When you first agree to work with the client, it is important that you set your boundaries from the start. This is so you both understand your exact job description and what is required and expected of you. In this initial meeting, you should set out anything that you will not be able or do not want to work on in the project. That way, you can protect you and your team from getting swamped with too many tasks that you had not expected to do in the first place.

Keep Clients In The Loop

Once you start to work with a client, it is imperative that you always keep them in the look. To do this, it’s a good idea to send them weekly emails or schedule a weekly Skype call so that you can fill them in with everything that your team has been working on. This will keep them informed of the project, and they will be able to see how well everything is going. But this also gives them peace of mind that everything is going well, so there is no need for them to change their scope or brief.

These three tips can really help you cope with clients who always seem to be changing their mind. And they can help to cut down on potential stress for your own team!

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