Top 5 Industries That Benefit from Call Tracking

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Call tracking is an incredibly vital part of many different industries out there. It essentially allows businesses to accumulate large quantities of customer data to improve things like their operations. They do this by using legit call tracking companies such as Media Hawk, who can help companies view their progress in a safe and sensible way.

Consequently, here are the top 5 industries that benefit from call tracking.


Marketing businesses are all about appealing to individuals. They want to be seen and they want to be heard. Consequently, call tracking becomes a key part in making them efficient. It enables them to regulate information like; who is responding to their ads? How is that engagement evolving into sales and profits, etc? It can also just inform them of more generic information too; how many people are calling the business? What’s the duration of those calls, and how did they respond to their ads?

Home Services

Consider the handymen of your local town for a moment. How do most customers reach them? Well, when something breaks or goes wrong at home, panic sets in, and most people fire off a frantic google search in desperate calls for help. Phone numbers of local traders appear thereafter, and the calls start getting put through. Once those in-home services pick up, they can start to record data like; what are the common problems customers need fixing? What’s drawing them to us? From there, they can evolve their business plan, and better streamline it to become more popular with customers and their common problems.

Real Estate

Because call tracking allows users to see where calls are coming from, this information can then be funnelled into how real estate businesses reach their audience. Are only local customers interested in their business, or do they take calls from further afield? They can then do things like assess how lucrative the potential client is depending on the area they live in, and ensure that all calls are not missed, and are at the very least returned!


How do most people book a table or room? Well, they do it over the phone of course! The phone call is at the core of what it is the hospitality business does; it’s the first impression, that chance for both parties to get a foot in the door. If they’re using call tracking, they can see where they’re most popular in terms of where their guests come from. Thereafter, they can target more ads in that area to boost their number of guests or increase their public awareness and visibility in weaker areas too.


As much as at it can be hard to admit, education is a business in many respects. There’s a lot to fund, and each school considers others rivals or competitors. There’s quality staff that need hiring, both in teaching and in maintenance, pupils to fill the tables, and so on. Therefore, it’s important that schools and universities use call tracking to score the best talents across the board. Which adverts attracted the biggest proportion of pupils? Which adverts scored the most qualified staff? Call tracking provides these answers. Once they have the best of the best, they quickly become one of the better schools in the area.

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