The Silent Employees That Keep Your Business Running

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When you’re hiring employees, the ones that bring in revenue are going to be your top priority. That’s completely understandable. You need a brilliant sales and marketing team if you’re going to make a profit. But too often, businesses neglect some of the other important roles because they don’t bring in revenue. However, if you aren’t hiring the best people across the board, you could be damaging your business in ways that you didn’t even realize. So, once you’ve hired all of your sales and marketing employees, don’t forget about these important jobs.


The cleaner is often forgotten about because you don’t tend to see them that often. They come in before everybody else to clean the office and then disappear before everybody has arrived. Most employees probably don’t even consider that somebody does all that, they just get used to it being clean. But the truth is, if you went without a cleaner, even for a day, things would start to fall apart. Studies have shown that productivity in the office can fall by up to 75% if the office is dirty. A dirty environment also massively increases the chances of people getting ill, so you’re likely to see a lot more sick days being taken. If you cut corners with your cleaning staff, you might not think it’s making a difference but all of your employees will be working at half speed and your profits will suffer for it. Make sure that you hire good professional cleaners and pay them a good wage and your office will be far more productive.

Security Guards

There’s no quicker way to lose profits than having them stolen. You can be bringing in huge amounts of money but that doesn’t make a difference if somebody takes it from you. That’s why it’s so important to properly protect your business. Security cameras are one thing, but they can be easily bypassed by a professional criminal. However, if you hire proper security services to man the gates, you’ll have a much better deterrent and somebody on site at all times in case anybody tries to break in.

Customer Service

It’s a huge mistake to think that once you’ve sold your product, the battle is won. True, you’ve got the money for that one sale, but if you don’t give that customer proper aftercare, they won’t be coming back. Lots of businesses make the mistake of filling their customer service call centers with low paid employees without much experience. They aren’t willing to go the extra mile to help people because they don’t feel that it’s in their interest. It’s far better to hire people with good customer service experience and pay them a decent wage, that way they’ll be more inclined to help customers and they’ll have a more positive attitude about the business. This is important because they’re usually the only representative of the business that customers speak to.

These three employees might not bring in any money in their day to day roles, but they are just as important as everybody else. If you don’t pick them wisely and pay them well, the business as a whole will suffer.

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