Professional Touches That Add Class to Your Office

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It’s not every day that an investor or industry figurehead decides that they want to come and visit your office. It’s an alert that scrambles all of your employees in an attempt to fix up the office and make it more presentable, and if they’re scheduled to visit within the next couple of days then there’s very little you can do to prepare except give your office a good clean. But instead of putting it all on your janitor’s shoulders (or your employees) why not take a few steps to actually prepare your business? Making your business more professional and presentable is easy, and here are some ideas to get you started.

Focus on comfort in the reception area

The first room your visitors will see is the reception area. It’s an integral part of your business because it serves as a gateway to the rest of your office and it generally sets the tone. If you have to choose a single part of your office to invest in, then make sure it’s the reception area. Add some plants, decorations, awards that you’ve received, and make sure the sofas and chairs are cleaned and dusted so that they’re comfortable and pleasant to sit on. You don’t want to make your reception area look like a waiting room at a hospital so get rid of all the magazines and toys. This makes your reception area look a little cleaner and it removes the illusion that your visitors will wait long enough to even pick up something to read.

Give your employees ID badges

If you don’t already have them, get some ID badges for your employees so that when your visitors arrive, they can quickly look at the badge and call someone by their name. This gives your office a professional touch and helps your visitors easily identify people. Badges can be made by clipping ID cards or security passes onto a lanyard, but companies like Imagin Badges also offer custom ID badges and cards. You can also order a batch of conference badges to give to your visitors so that your employees know their names and their role, just in case they strike a conversation.

Add some decorations to the office

If you haven’t already, make sure you’re adding some decorations to the office such as plants, pictures, and certificates that you have. This will make your office seem a little more personalised, but try to avoid anything too loud or colourful that doesn’t blend well with the colour palette. Decide if you want your employees to clean up their individual cubicles and tables or if you’d prefer the investors to see that your staff are invested in your company by bringing trinkets and personalised items from home into work.

Prepare amenities for visitors

Lastly, make sure you’ve prepared amenities for visitors. Ensure the toilets have been cleaned thoroughly, stock up on drinks such as tea, coffee and bottled water, and fix the air conditioning if you haven’t already. You want to make sure you’ve got everything in order and that you have enough supplies to keep your visitors happy.

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