Why I Prefer to Work with Darkworkers than ‘Greyworkers’

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Lightworkers and Darkworkers are rare(ish) people who are polarized around a deeply ingrained intent. Lightworkers live and breathe to service humankind, whilst Darkworkers live and breathe to serve only themselves. The remainder of people on this earth could be described as Greyworkers, who tend not to know who they serve.

I’ve written about Lightworkers and Darkworkers before, and since then I’ve consciously monitored the people I work and play with to see what type they are (although if you are one of these people, don’t worry, I haven’t stared for too long), and reflected on the experience I had with them. I was surprised with how I felt in the end.
Lightworkers can be a joy to work with as I find that they tend to have an optimistic outlook and can see the good in people and understand and build on their strengths. Lightworkers tend to leave me feeling refreshed and motivated. And I am a Lightworker myself, so the (often unacknowledged) comradery feels great.

Darkworkers don’t leave me feeling uneasy, actually. I must admit that once I identify someone as a Darkworker, I understand their clear motives and work with it. I don’t feel ‘dirty’ when I work alongside a Darkworker as we collaborate to achieve the same objective (on the surface that is). What I like about Darkworkers, as I do Lightworkers, is that I always know where I stand with them and there sheer determination for self-satisfaction creates a definite clarity. This means they are easier to predict and motivate towards a goal. Darkworkers, I find, are a joy to work with too.

But then there are Greyworkers who are very many in number. Greyworkers are perhaps the most human of us all as there motives and behaviors are influenced by very many conflicting and unclear intentions. Because Greyworkers are not polarized, they have to weigh up opportunities for action against many factors, such as their personal wealth, status, contribution, friendships, colleagues, reward, etc. It is a constant battle in the head – and it is stressful. Lightworkers and Darkworkers don’t tend to have this as they operate with a much clearer head. Modern society for most people is a complex problem to resolve and this takes up brainpower, and therefore time. Procrastination is a key attribute of Greyworking.

Let me be straight, I am not describing sociopathic tendencies! I don’t hate Greyworkers – not at all. Greyworkers are my family, my friends. But in the workplace where achievement of targets in short timeframe is the norm, then I find I can do this more surefooted and to a higher quality with Lightworkers or Darkworkers because their actions tend to be performed faster and with greater commitment. They are the embodiment of JFDI. Greyworkers make a manager’s jobs harder due to their inherent latency on decision-making and taking action – it’s Grey Malaise (sounds like a kind of cheese doesn’t it?)

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