Your Job Search: Do Jobsites Serve Your Location Well?

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If you’re conducting a job search, I’ve added a new job listing widget, which should be showing you job vacancies from your area. Question is, does it serve your location well?

Job sites are getting a lot cleverer in how they present jobs to you. Like this one, they’ve worked out that they should show us jobs available close to our location. Does this work for you?

They should be spot on if you live in NYC or a densely populated metropolitan area. But what if you live in a remote area?

Job hunting using jobsites requires slightly different strategies, depending on whether you’re located in metropolitan areas, or not.

If you’re in, or closeby to, a city, then you should notice that the ads tend to have an abundance of vacancies close by, especially sales jobs. But this isn’t always positive: it does mean you have to sift your way through pages and pages of job postings to find one that suits your needs. Using an advanced search is perhaps the best way of narrowing down the results to a set that you can scrutinize closely. This means you have to be competent at using all the search parameters to your advantage. How confusing do you find advanced searching, or is it easy to navigate? It takes practise I guess. The more we practise at using search, the better the results. This is true of Google too.

If you’re in a remote area, then volume of vacancies isn’t always your first problem. Finding ANY vacancies in the job listings is the first challenge (although you probably still see a lot of sales jobs!) People who I have helped find jobs in remote areas have found that using a number of job sites in niche job categories works best. ‘General’ job sites can be too vague. We’ve also found that the job pages of local newspapers and TV stations are also very effective. Have you looked on these sites too?

Take a Look Below…

Check out the job ad below. How close is the vacancy to you? It’s distance from you will tell you which of the above strategies will be most effective.

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