Why I Started Resistance Training (Weight Lifting)

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When I was in high school, I was a typical teenager who enjoyed playing video games and spending time with friends. But one thing I didn’t do was exercise. I never really developed an interest in physical activity and I certainly never considered resistance training as an option. As far as I knew, it was something that only serious bodybuilders did.

Fast forward to twenty years later, and my life had changed significantly. In college, I realized how important it is to stay active and healthy, so I decided to start working out regularly at the gym. It started off as just casual cardio sessions but eventually evolved into regular strength-training routines, using free weights, machines and resistance bands.

That’s when resistance training became part of my life—and it has since become an essential part of my weekly routine. So why did I decide to take up this form of workout? Well, there are several reasons why resistance training has been beneficial for me both physically and mentally:

Firstly, it helps improve my overall fitness level. By challenging my muscles with different exercises (such as squats or chest presses) that require varying levels of effort from me during each rep or set, resistance training helps keep my body fit and active. Not only does this help me stay in shape but it also makes everyday activities such as carrying groceries or running up the stairs easier for me too!

Secondly, it increases muscle mass which can lead to improved athletic performance if done correctly; by challenging your muscles more frequently than you would normally do with traditional cardio-based exercises, you can see significant gains in terms of muscular strength and size over time (provided you put in the work). This is especially useful for those looking to become better athletes or build extra stamina for their sport/hobby; by increasing your muscle mass through resistance training you can see improvements across a variety of areas including speed, agility and endurance!

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Thirdly—and perhaps most importantly—resistance training has helped boost my mental health significantly over the past few years. Not only does exercising regularly have proven benefits such as reducing stress levels and improving sleep quality but there is something profoundly calming about lifting weights that cannot be replicated by any other activity; after finishing a difficult set or completing a tough workout session you will feel both mentally exhausted yet strangely satisfied at the same time!

Fourthly – resistance training is good for my career. The above benefits have an important secondary effect on my career development and success. Being in good health, both mentally and physically, improves my brain function and stamina, resulting in more energy and focus applied in my work.

In addition to these benefits mentioned above, another key factor in why I started resistance training is due to its versatility; unlike traditional aerobic exercises which tend to be quite repetitive (e.g running on a treadmill), there are countless ways to mix things up with weightlifting workouts depending on what type of results you want e.g doing lighter weights for higher reps if looking for toning/definition or heavier weights for lower reps if wanting more muscular growth etc). You can also tailor your program specifically towards whichever particular area(s) of your body need extra focus; whether that’s arms/shoulders/legs etc., meaning no two sessions ever need be the same.

All in all though despite all these great perks (not forgetting its affordability compared other forms of exercise!) ultimately what drew me into resistance training was simply how enjoyable it felt once I got into the swing of things—it quickly became something that not only served a purpose but also provided some much needed ‘me time’ away from studying/work etc.. And though there have been times where motivation has wavered slightly over the years due to life getting busy again these days whenever possible chances are you’ll find me back at the gym putting some heavy iron through its paces…

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