4 Reasons Why Dress Codes Are Important For Construction Businesses

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Dress codes are pretty standard in an office environment, but people often assume that they’re not necessary in the construction industry. The general consensus is that construction workers don’t need to consider their appearance and most people won’t pay much attention to them anyway. However, that’s not the case at all and dress codes are important in the construction industry for a number of reasons. If your construction business doesn’t have a dress code in place already, here’s why you need one.

Workwear Is Essential To Health And Safety 

Anybody that runs a construction business knows that health and safety is always a priority and it’s important that you find ways to improve safety practices on site. Workwear is important PPE and it’s important that you have guidelines in place. If people are allowed to wear whatever they like, you cannot guarantee that their workwear is good quality and they may not be sufficiently protected. Construction workers are constantly exposed to harmful chemicals, dust and dirt, and constant sunlight, so you need guidelines in place to ensure that their workwear is protecting them. 

Good Quality Workwear Is An Employee Benefit 

Attracting the best workers is a challenge for construction companies, but your dress code could be a big help here. If you provide good quality workwear, like Dickies, shows your employees that you are invested in them and you are willing to spend some money to make sure that they have all of the best quality gear. When other workers see them on-site with their uniforms, that tells people that you are a company that looks after their employees. It needn’t be an upfront cost to you, either. Did you know you can hire workwear for your team? Look online in your area for suppliers. I used Google to search for workwear rental in and around Northampton and I discovered several providers of workwear rental close by.

It Helps To Build A Brand 

Branding is important in all industries, but many construction companies think that it doesn’t really apply to them as much. However, that isn’t the case at all and the way that your company presents itself is so important. If people want a professional construction company to work on their home or business, are they going to choose the crew that is dressed in scruffy clothes or the crew that is dressed in matching, high quality workwear? 

Having branded uniforms is also a great marketing opportunity for your business. When people see your crew working on sites all around the country, with your company logo on the back, you present yourself as a reliable construction company and you will get a lot of work off the back of it. 

It Encourages Team Bonding 

Your crew are more effective when they work together as a team and there is a lot of team bonding going on. Even though uniforms are only a simple change, they create that sense of shared identity amongst your workers and encourages them to operate as a team. It also sets them apart from other subcontractors on the job, so site managers can easily pick their guys out from everybody else and keep track of everybody. 

It’s a mistake to think that construction companies won’t benefit from a company dress code. If you don’t have one in place already, you need to get some company uniforms right away.

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