First Impressions Matter in Business: Here’s How You Can Get It Right

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The internet has allowed more people than ever to set up their own business; meaning they can pour their passion and creativity into something they genuinely care about, instead of earning lots of money for someone else. However it does mean that there has been an explosion of businesses, and so regardless of what you sell, competition for customers is going to be fierce. With so much choice on their hands, if a customer thinks your company looks unprofessional or is put off in any way they can easily shop with someone else- and so you need to be making a good impression. Here are a few ways you can go about it.

Have A Great Website Designed

A good business website should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. It needs to be clean and smart, with a professionally designed logo and graphics. It needs to contain all of the information a customer would need to know about your business so think carefully and be sure not to overlook anything. This includes your address and telephone number, email addresses and social media links. It should have information about your business and brand, as well as explaining in detail what it is your business does and what customers can expect. You should invest money into making your website as good as it can be, enlist a professional website designer and remember that this as a way to grow your business. When your website looks shoddy and unprofessional, it’s easy for a customer to assume the rest of your business is the same way, and it could put them off. Meaning they could go and shop with one of your competitors instead.

Consider Providing Uniforms and Workwear

If you conduct business in person (as opposed to online) and have staff working for you, one way you can look professional is by providing your employees with uniforms or corporate workwear. Whether it’s salespeople in a store, or those that travel to meetings and to give presentations- the way they look is important. It keeps all of your staff looking neat and tidy, and helps to give your company a professional image. At the very least, your company should have a dress code, that way you don’t look unprofessional to customers or clients. This could be formalwear, and in some cases you could rule out things like extreme hair colours, facial piercings and visible tattoos depending on your business.

Don’t Overlook The Importance of A Nice Workplace

Regardless of the type of workplace you run, if you have customers or clients coming to your premises (for example, you’re an office or a shop) then you need to ensure it looks the part. People could easily be put off or underwhelmed if your workplace doesn’t look good and this could lose you precious profits. Light, neutral colours on the walls will always make everything feel more spacious. Make the most of the natural light, and use daylight bulbs as opposed to fluorescents if it’s still too dark. Harsh lighting can cast an unflattering glow and make any space look dingy, plus it can cause migraines and eye strain in workers.

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