How To Make The Internet Do Your Promotion For Your Medical Practice

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Pretty much every business is online these days. Be it just through a website or Facebook groups it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have an internet presence at all. But there’s little point of having a website and social media accounts if they are not doing anything for you. So it’s important to make sure that the marketing is good and even better if you can have it set up that it works for you without having to constantly be monitoring and tweaking it. Choosing a medical practitioner is as competitive as any other industry so it’s important to be visible online.

Be On Google Maps

One of the major things you can do to ensure that you are found online is to get a Google business page and have that linked to your location. Google is more and more these days concerned with sorting results geographically so that users get the results closest to them. It’s very easy to set this up and will enhance your SEO greatly by getting yourself on Google maps. So if you’re in a well-populated area and have good SEO patients will be able to find you, be sure to have your specialty in the business title, so that if you are a pediatrician, then this comes up in the search.

Time Your Social Media Posts

Sometimes timing is key and when choosing when to release a Facebook post or a Tweet can greatly increase or decrease how effective it can become. There are various ways to do this and it can easily be done from the website or the app, but there are dedicated tools that can help you organize all of your social media accounts, one such app is Hootsuite, which is particularly effective if you manage several accounts, as you may well do if your practice offers different services.

Encourage Good Reviews From Current Patients

Why not get your customers to do some of your legwork for you? If you can encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews it will show a track record of success and in medicine trust in a doctor is way more important than any other business. Even if you get negative reviews it’s an opportunity to respond. Effective management of these reviews is key and here are a few tips on how to do this.

Get Others To Write About You

Try and see if you can persuade other websites to write about you. Interact with people when possible and if you can position yourself as an expert in your field, this way you can be asked about to comment on articles and in return get a link back to your own site or profile. If you do this specifically well then you may even find yourself being asked to appear as an expert panel member on TV and radio shows which can exponentially raise your profile in this way.

Pay For Exposure & Adverts

As much as we’ve talked so far about organic ways of increasing our exposure and web traffic but what about simply paying for it? We are running a business here and there is no shame in buying exposure if it is done well and your budget and profit levels allow for this. You can easily and quickly set up a Google Adwords account and this can give you web search results or even banner adverts and videos which are shown in a manner of ways online. Or you can get very specific customer targeting with promoted posts on Facebook, you can specify, age, gender, and even interests to get the exact people you need to for your particular service, for example, a gynecologist would only want to target women.

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