4 Useful Tips to Dress for Your Job Interview

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Dressing right for an interview is half the battle won. It’s essential to work on your dressing style before going for an interview as you can never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your appearance really matters to the interviewer. The decision of an employer to consider you for the job also involves whether or not you look professional and sophisticated. Studies also show that people are paid more or less based on their appearance. Your wardrobe should make a bold first impression in your interview for a job.

1.    Invest in Interview Attire:

An interview is the first and perhaps the only opportunity to prove to the hiring manager that you are the right candidate for the post. Therefore, investing in ‘interview attire’ is a great idea. While there are plenty of outfits that can work for your interview but a white dress shirt, comfortable polished shoes, and a plain black suit are must-haves for your professional wardrobe. Navy blue color can also be a more flattering color for your suit. Charcoal can be classy option if you are not comfortable with navy. Choose the form fitting dress shirts if you are not wearing a suit jacket and the color doesn’t have to be solid. Opt for little more color for your dress shirt rather than just sticking to the white. A few professional colors you can incorporate in your interview attire include lavender, navy, French blue, white, black, powder blue, steel blue, gray, and mauve.

2.    Get the Perfect Fit:

Wrinkled, rough and improperly ironed clothes cannot be ignored by an interviewer and can be the major cause for your rejection despite your knowledge and skills. Besides being clean and neatly ironed, your clothing should fit your physique properly. Ill-fitted clothes may not deliver a professional impression. Make sure the suits are tailored to your body so you can dress to impress. Grooming and hygiene are highly essential. Don’t use intense fragrances or deodorants, and makeup should be kept subtle. Men should trim their facial hair to look as neat and tidy as possible.

3.    Watch the Details:

Avoid loud and busy prints and stick to the block colors to give personality to your outfit. Opting for slightly brighter shades can help you stand out and appear bold and confident. Your attire is your visual resume, so it’s essential to watch the details to give an impression of cleanliness, professionalism, and precision. The attention you give to the details of your attire (like ironed slacks and nice cufflinks) signals employers that it will transfer to your performance and work. Therefore, after you have chosen an outfit for the interview, make sure to pay attention to the details like accessories and makeup should be minimal, use of a light fragrance, hair should look tidy, nails should be filed and chip-free, shoes should be polished, and briefcase or purse should be professional.

4.    Accessorize Smartly:

Accessorizing smartly can help you inject a bit of personality into your outfit. If you are smart enough to play it safe, then pair it up with a nice bag or a wristwatch. Keep the accessories smart by opting for a briefcase, satchel, or a handbag rather than a backpack. Shoes should be polished and newish looking. Ladies should wear heels of a sensible height. Don’t wear flashy jewelry as it will look distracting and unprofessional to your interviewer. You surely want the interviewer to pay attention to you and not to your bling.

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