My Experiment in Yoga Starts Next Week

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I’m getting a bit fed up of the shoulder and back-pain I’ve been carrying. Mostly through tension. So I am going to experiment with yoga to see if it can help me banish the ache, so I can continue with living and working!

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll know how much back and shoulder pain can be a grisly distraction. You see, I sit at my desk (or I should say, hunched at my desk), affixed on my PC monitor. My posture isn’t great. But, like many people, I often don’t know I am doing it.

But it’s not just bad posture that explains the pain. This year has been a tough one for me personally. I’ve separated, and divorced, from my wife. I’ve had to adjust to a new home and lifestyle – I’ve also been under pressure to keep the wheels turning in my job and, with the economic climate as it is, things have been tough. It’s been tough for most people this year!

So with all things considered, back pain isn’t a terrible consequence… but if you know me from my blog, I don’t just let things carry on or accept it as ‘the way things will be’. So I am going to try yoga, as a release for tension and a possible resolution for my back and shoulder pains.

Why Yoga?

Why not? I’m told it can be a great solution for these kinds of ailments.

Also, I’ll be starting it with a group of my buddies, too. So I will get the support and camaraderie from the guys, and it will be fun. Doing something new, like this, with a bunch of pals also means we hold each other to account and it’s healthy peer-pressure.

What Do I Want From Yoga?

I’m not interested in tying myself in knots. I’m also disinterested in achieving an ‘inner peace of mind’ through yoga – although if it happens, it will be a nice consequence. What I really want is just to loosen up. This will mean I can release my pain and stop it happening again. I don’t want to be distracted in important meetings any more by the constant ache. I just wanna be loose!

We’ve chosen an instructor whose style is just that – offering lessons in a type of yoga that aims to build suppleness and flexibility, without going over the top. I’m not sure if it has a name, but to be honest, I don’t think this style needs a label for me to know it’s what I want!

So I will keep you uptodate – when I’ve had my first class on Tuesday, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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