Why I Started Yoga

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Yoga has become increasingly popular over the past decade, and while it may be seen as a predominately female activity, there are many men who have taken up the practice and reaped the benefits. I am one of those men, and this is why I started yoga.

The first reason that I decided to take up yoga was for physical health. As someone who works a desk job, my lifestyle is largely sedentary which can lead to all kinds of issues like poor posture, back pain and a general lack of energy. After researching different ways to improve my physical health without having to put too much strain on my body, I came across yoga and realized that it could help me meet my goals without any risk of injury or overexertion.

Not only did I find out that yoga could help me improve my physical health but also that it could be beneficial for mental wellbeing too. As someone who has suffered from anxiety in the past, I was keen to find something that would help me reduce stress levels and manage difficult emotions in a healthy way – something which yoga had been proven to do through its combination of breathing techniques and mindful movement. In particular, its focus on connecting with your body rather than pushing yourself beyond your limits appealed to me as it seemed like an approachable way of looking after myself mentally as well as physically.

Another reason why I decided to start doing yoga was because of its accessibility – regardless of age or ability level there is a type of practice suitable for everyone meaning you don’t need any special equipment or skillset in order to get started. This was particularly attractive for me as someone with no prior experience in this area – knowing that all I needed was some comfortable clothing and an open mind kept me motivated throughout the learning process! Additionally there are countless online resources available providing guidance on how best you can incorporate yoga into your lifestyle meaning even if you can’t make it along to regular classes there are still plenty of opportunities out there for you explore this practice at home or with friends/family if desired!

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Finally, one thing which really drew me towards taking up yoga was its ability to bring people together through shared experiences – something which is especially important during these times where we may feel more isolated than ever before due to social distancing measures! Knowing that by joining an online class or attending a local session in person (when allowed) would give me the chance not only improve myself but also connect with like-minded individuals from all walks life felt incredibly empowering – making the whole process even more rewarding!

All these reasons combined made perfect sense when deciding whether or not taking up Yoga would be a good idea for me personally – so far it has proved invaluable both mentally and physically due to increased strength/flexibility as well as reduced stress levels while also helping foster meaningful relationships with others along the way!

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