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Looking at my Google Analytics stats, a quarter of visitors to my blog last month were in India. Welcome! So I was wondering, what would YOU like to see on this blog?

India is as an international power-house in IT and professional services (amongst other things), so it’s no surprise that my readership is growing in this country. So I’d like to know what you would want to see on this blog.

Are there any subject areas or problems that you face that are unique to Indian business and culture?

What would you like to know about doing business in the North America and Europe?

My Experience with Working with Indians

I’ve had the pleasure of working with colleagues from India on a number of occasions, mostly through IT outsourcing programs. When colleagues from the West and India work together, the difference in style, communication and culture were always evident, yet I always experienced a strong willingness (on both sides) to learn and bridge the gaps (often in tough times of organizational change). I found the challenge to ‘make it work’ refreshing and an enjoyable caper.

How do you find working with Western colleagues?

So here’s your opportunity to influence the content on my blog!

Post a comment, or contact me using my details on the About page, or connect through LinkedIn.

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