Are you a Budding IT Exec? How to find out

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To continue the theme (see Are you a Technical Professional? and Are you a Geek?), you can find out if you’re a IT Leader in the making by asking yourself if you exhibit three or more of the behaviors below:

  1. You find yourself thinking with pragmatism and not with perfectionism
  2. You wish COBOL.NET was THE language of choice, so you can have a half-sensible conversation with developers
  3. If you were to develop code, you’d do it in a text-editor like Notepad
  4. You spend more time typing on your Blackberry than you do on a conventional keyboard
  5. You only know the terms Digg-It, Twitter and Stumble-Upon in the gardening context
  6. You wish you had an office
  7. You wish you had a PA
  8. You’d know what to do with an office and a PA
  9. You only read off print-outs
  10. You wouldn’t be seen dead eating your lunch at your desk
  11. Your mobile phone is well worn and scratched, and you don’t mind
  12. Your network isn’t a technical thing
  13. Facebook? Myspace? You don’t know what these are, but you’re all over LinkedIn
  14. You enter phone conferences before most people have wiped the crust out of their eyes in the morning
  15. You enter phone conferences whilst most people are having a beer
  16. You have a burning desire for an office-chair offering lumber-support
  17. You use management speak and find it quite natural
  18. You are seriously considering an MBA, or already have one
  19. You’re one of the rare breed that actually does read minutes after a meeting
  20. You worry about organization structure, and plan on how to get to the top of it
  21. You find office politics fair sport
  22. You don’t carry papers into meetings
  23. Your work-life balance is always something to deal with tomorrow
  24. You check your company’s share price daily to check your net-worth
  25. You know what is in company announcements before they happen
  26. You get really p1ssed off if you don’t know what is in company announcements before they happen
  27. Using a photocopier is a rare event
  28. You don’t know what the latest version of Windows is, or really care
  29. You use the Help system on your home computer
  30. You use the term ‘computer’ and don’t feel it is vulgar
  31. You change your business card within 0.0001 seconds of being promoted
  32. You leave your laptop in your desk
  33. You’d never tell your peers how much you earn, but will show every other visible sign of how wealthy you are
  34. You worry about your golf handicap
  35. You think that if your presentation has a pie-chart in it, it must be good

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