Are you a Geek? How to find out

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Are you a Geek? If you do three or more of the following, then the answer is Yes!

  1. You spend more time automating something than you ever would performing the task manually
  2. You buy t-shirts for their comedy value
  3. You store binaries on your iPod
  4. You have more categories on your iPod than you do tracks
  5. You hack your iPod
  6. You don’t watch live TV, ever
  7. If someone isn’t on Facebook or MySpace, you consider them as non-existent
  8. You send an IM to the guy sat next to you
  9. You think Bill Gates is God
  10. You think Bill Gates is Lucifer
  11. You spend an age making your Linux desktop look just like Windows
  12. You don’t find The TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ funny – it’s real life right?
  13. You brag about your network ping
  14. You spend your salary on virtual goods
  15. You turn up to a wedding in a suit and sneakers
  16. You consider green-screen terminals pre-history
  17. You phone the cops if your DSL line goes down
  18. You have more than 2 screens on your desktop
  19. You laugh at the movie ‘The Net’
  20. You shout at the screen ‘thats not possible’ when TV shows use poetic license on computer abilities
  21. ‘Computer’ is a vulgar term to you
  22. You first look for an Internet Cafe in tropical countries
  23. You’ve connected your PSP to a TV
  24. You dismiss any device that doesn’t have a USB connection
  25. Your laptop is adorned with badges of rock bands or games
  26. You go to work on your skateboard
  27. You think any kind of commercialization around open-source is a capital offence
  28. You will only use a browser that has less than 1% market share
  29. You consider high-caffeine products as health food
  30. You can reel off more than 10 kinds of encryption without hesitating
  31. You rarely use your cellphone as a cellphone
  32. You get annoyed to see someone over 40 with your latest gadget
  33. You consider ASCII art as a masterpiece
  34. You collect Star Wars Lego dioramas and show them on your desk
  35. Your oNline hANDle beGIns with a smalL lEttEr but has caPItaL letters in it at raNdOM plAces

How did you do?

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8 thoughts on “Are you a Geek? How to find out”

  1. hmm, Only three in the list classifies me as a geek?

    In that case I would be an uber geek, which I never see myself as….. however, i also have to admit that more then three do apply….

  2. simonstapleton

    @Graeme – then maybe one of the behaviors in the list ought to be: 36. You deny you’re a geek.

  3. simonstapleton

    @The PaelonTologist – only you can be the judge of that! 18 is quite a number my friend. Happy Geeking!

  4. Don’t forget :
    – Your favorite store is
    – Your homepage is
    – The characters « ctrl » & « c » on your keyword is not visible anymore
    – You brought your laptop when you go see your friends

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