Are you a Technical Professional? How to find out

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For a bit of fun I posted some behaviors exhibited by people who classify themselves as geeks, and invited you to see how you compared. So this time it’s a list of behaviors exhibited by Technical Professionals – techies who take themselves a bit more seriously.

If you say Yes to more than 3 of these behaviors, then you’re probably a Technical Professional:

  1. You think gadgets are cool but can leave them for others to play with
  2. You really don’t care if you use Windows or Linux on your laptop as long as you can open MS Office documents with it
  3. MS Project, MS Word and MS Powerpoint are your most used applications
  4. You’re less concerned about what processor your PC has than the size of your screen
  5. You’re constantly fighting in your head between pragmatic and perfect
  6. You can find your way around Visio but don’t know what all the icons are for
  7. You’d rather read a White Paper than a newspaper
  8. You use technical jargon and acronyms, sometimes when you don’t know what they mean
  9. You get annoyed when someone asks you to do something outside of your role
  10. You get annoyed when someone refuses you something to do outside your role
  11. You’re clear on what your role is, but not clear about everyone else’s
  12. You’d rather type an elegant email than go by someones desk and talk about it
  13. You think Corporate Goals are scored in an inter-company soccer match
  14. You’d rather have a MCSE than DATE
  15. You think Project Managers are bureaucrats
  16. Project Managers think you are a technocrat
  17. You are committed to your job
  18. You enjoy the technology you work with
  19. You defend your technology against products from other vendors
  20. Your methods are very important to you
  21. You will wait for work to come to you
  22. You use spare time learning about technology
  23. You often struggle knowing where to start with conversations with business people
  24. Business people tend to make a bad start of conversations with you
  25. You find that business people under-estimate the value you add
  26. Your mom pictures you wearing an overall and carrying a screwdriver at work, annoyingly

Take the test – are you a Technical Professional?

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