Performance Review


A Performance Review is the process of managing your performance in your organization.

It uses a process where your manager, appraiser or a specialist analyzes and evaluates the results of your work and behaviors, by comparing them with pre-agreed standards/targets, documents the results of the analysis, and then uses the results to provide feedback to you to identify improvements, and why they are required. They’re also used to determine what training is required by you, and if you’re suitable for promotion, demotion, retention, or to be fired (very rare!)

Your Performance Review typically works like this:

  1. You and your manager agree Performance Objectives and/or Performance Targets at the start of the Performance Review Process
  2. During the Performance Review Period (typically 12 months) you and your manager (or independent appraiser) will review progress against your Performance Objectives and/or Performance Targets
  3. At the end of the Performance Review Period, a formal Performance Appraisal will assess your performance against your Performance Objectives and/or Performance Targets and you will typically receive ratings against each
  4. Often, a ‘360-degree Performance Appraisal’ is conducted where the views of your colleagues, supervisors or subordinates are considered, as part of the assessment

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