Performance Appraisal


A Performance Appraisal is the meeting where you and your manager (or Appraiser) get together to discuss your performance review over the full review period.

It uses a process where your manager, appraiser or a specialist analyzes and evaluates the results of your work and behaviors, by comparing them with pre-agreed standards/targets, documents the results of the analysis, and then uses the results to provide feedback to you to identify improvements, and why they are required. They’re also used to determine what training is required by you, and if you’re suitable for promotion, demotion, retention, or to be fired (very rare!)

A Performance Appraisal is a review, and a discussion, of your performance of duties and responsibilities, as assigned to you in your job specification, objectives and previous appraisals. The Appraisal is based on results measured in your job. It is NOT intended to appraise your personality characteristics.

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