What would Ghandi say to somebody who was facing their Performance Review?

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As I sit here, thinking about what Mahatma Gandhi would say to somebody who is facing their performance review, I can’t help but be struck by the simple yet powerful wisdom that he had. His words were always filled with insight and understanding of the human condition, and his teachings often remain pertinent today.

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Gandhi was a strong believer in self-improvement and personal growth, something that can be particularly meaningful when it comes to preparing for a performance review. He believed that all people had an inner strength and should use it to better their lives. To this end, he offered several pieces of advice which may be useful when approaching your own review.

First of all, Gandhi taught that we should never shy away from difficult conversations or uncomfortable situations. Performance reviews are often seen as daunting tasks because they require us to face our shortcomings candidly and discuss them openly with others. However, Gandhi would have argued that this fear is unnecessary; instead, we should approach these conversations with courage and conviction. We can only grow if we are willing to confront our weaknesses head-on and make concerted efforts towards improvement – something which a performance review provides us with an ideal opportunity for doing so.


Furthermore, Gandhi also emphasised the importance of being honest during these reviews – both about ourselves as well as about others involved in the process too. He argued that honesty was essential in order for progress to be made; not only does it enable us to build trust between ourselves and those around us but it also allows us to open up constructive dialogue which ultimately leads to positive outcomes for everyone involved. In this way then, being honest during performance reviews is beneficial not only for ourselves but also those working alongside us too – allowing everyone to get the most out of their interactions together.

Finally, perhaps one of Gandhi’s most important pieces of advice when it comes to tackling a performance review was his belief in ‘being the change you want to see’ – something which he himself demonstrated throughout his life by setting an example through his own actions rather than simply preaching theory or offering advice alone. This idea remains just as relevant today; while feedback from our peers or colleagues may be valuable when assessing our performance levels over time, ultimately it is up to each individual person themselves whether they choose actually follow through on implementing any changes suggested during their reviews or not – making self-determination an essential attitude if real progress is going to be made both within ourselves and our careers alike.

In conclusion then, there is much wisdom still available from Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings even today when it comes time for facing your next performance review! By embracing difficult conversations without fear whilst remaining honest about yourself (as well as those around you) throughout the process too – you will find yourself much better prepared (both mentally as well as practically) come review day. Most importantly however don’t forget: in order for any real change or improvement take place you must first begin by taking action yourself – just like Gandhi did before you.

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