What would Jordan Peterson say to somebody who was facing their Performance Review?

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As somebody who has become a global phenomenon for his views on self-improvement and personal development, it is not surprising that Jordan Peterson’s advice is sought after in a range of situations. Performance reviews are no exception, and if a person were to ask him how to best approach their own performance review, Peterson would likely offer the following pieces of advice. (This is my view of what he we would say, obviously!)

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First, he would emphasize the importance of keeping perspective. Performance reviews can be daunting because they involve being judged by someone else; however, it is important to remember that this judgement should not define you or your worth as an individual. According to Peterson, “It’s easy to forget that those evaluating us—our employers or colleagues—are just people like us with their own biases and flaws.” Having this awareness can help one remain composed during the review process and focus on what matters most: learning from feedback while staying true to oneself.

Second, Peterson would suggest preparing ahead of time by reflecting on one’s performance over the past year or period being evaluated. For example, he suggests writing out all successes achieved in order to gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence before stepping into the review session itself. Conversely, it is equally important to examine areas where improvement could be made so that one can proactively propose potential solutions during the review session itself. By having clear goals already in mind going into the meeting, one can stay focused on making sure these goals are discussed and addressed during the review process itself instead of getting sidetracked by other topics discussed during the meeting.

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Thirdly, Peterson would recommend trying to find common ground with whoever is conducting the performance review. It may be difficult at first but finding areas where both parties agree can help create an atmosphere conducive for open dialogue between both parties involved in the conversation. This allows for better communication between both sides which will ultimately result in more productive outcomes from each individual’s perspective as well as overall growth within their respective organisation or team environment (if applicable).

Finally, Peterson encourages individuals facing their performance reviews not to take criticism too personally or allow negative feedback affect them negatively beyond what is appropriate for professional purposes. He believes that criticism should be seen as an opportunity for growth rather than something that should bring down morale—a concept especially relevant when dealing with complex workplace dynamics such as those often found in large organisations or teams with multiple stakeholders involved in decision-making processes related thereto (such as promotion decisions). As such, any criticism received during a performance review should be taken constructively and used as fuel for further improvements moving forward instead of allowing it derail motivation levels or cause discouragement about current job roles/situations being faced at present time(s).

In conclusion there are several pieces of advice Jordan Peterson might give someone facing their performance review: keep perspective; prepare ahead of time; try to find common ground; don’t take criticisms too personally; use criticism constructively; stay motivated regardless of outcome(s). While none of these suggestions guarantee success when confronting one’s next performance evaluation they certainly provide valuable insight into how best go about approaching such scenarios based upon lessons we have learned from Jordan himself throughout his career thus far!

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