Putting Together the Dream Team: 4 Tips for Business Owners

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Covid-19 has caused workers around the globe to reconsider their priorities and work towards a better work-life balance. Due to the current “Great Resignation”, almost one in four professionals have either changed jobs in the past two years or are planning to do so in 2022. 

For companies looking for the right talents to hire, this could be a double-edged sword. Indeed, many more talented professionals are available to be hired, which is a significant advantage for companies looking to add a competitive edge to their assets. 

On the other hand, with so much choice, professionals won’t settle for anything that does not meet their expectations of the perfect workplace. Here’s how to secure some of the best workers out there. 

Introduce Hybrid Work Scheme

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated changes that were already happening. One of the main trends includes remote working, which has now become the norm among many workers. In turn, not offering at least one hybrid work option can significantly penalise you as a hirer. 

At the same time, offering remote work options has many benefits for the company as well. Indeed, you no longer have to hire in a limited area, but you can tap into a global talent pool. 

Create an Appealing Physical Work Environment

Many companies now understand the importance of creating the right work culture for their business. However, the physical work environment is just as important. After all, you are asking in-demand talents to leave their homes, travel to the office, and spend hours commuting! 

To create the right office space, boost your team morale, and create a healthy and productive environment, keep in mind these tips:

  • Let fresh air in
  • Open the windows and let natural light in
  • Add plenty of lighting options around the office space
  • Opt for a minimalist decor that can encourage focusing and concentration
  • Decorate with natural elements such as wood, metal, and plants

Foster an Inclusive and Inspiring Work Culture

Recent surveys have shown that workers were happier, more satisfied, and more productive when working from home at least some days of the week. At the same time, over 48% of professionals who worked from home struggled to feel part of a team or an engaging office environment. 

To ensure that you can involve your employees and make them part of the office culture, you should:

  • Keep the channels of communication open
  • Ask for feedback, ideas, and improvements to be made
  • Treat your staff with days out and rewards
  • Provide plenty of options for growth and progression

Get in Touch With a Specialised Recruitment Agency

If you have been struggling to find the right people to join your team, consider the benefits that a specialised recruitment agency can offer. For example, an expert mining recruitment agency can help you find talents, set the right expectations, and even help you provide the right benefits to add a competitive edge to your workplace. 

While partnering with a recruitment agency can feel unnecessary at first, it can help you find the professionals you need to drive your business forward, check their credentials, and streamline the entire hiring process.

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