Organising Events in a Post-Pandemic World: 4 Tips To Keep in Mind

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Just in the first months after the pandemic hit, over 83 million events were cancelled around the world. From weddings to corporate events and fundraisers, everything got postponed, cancelled, or took place in a virtual form. Nearly two years after the start of the first lockdown, a lot has changed. 

Today, we are far more aware of how the Covid-19 virus spreads and what consequences it can have. So, while restrictions and bans are being lifted, there is a lot to consider to enjoy events and gatherings in all safety. 

The tips below are just a starting point to plan your next event in 2022 – but don’t forget that the best way to keep yourself and your invitees safe at your gathering is to collaborate with an expert event planner. 

Opt for Al Fresco Events

According to the CDC, outdoor events are far safer than indoor gatherings. Indeed, thanks to fresh air and ventilation, outdoor exchanges come with a far lower risk of contagion. If you are looking to organise a safer event, you could opt for an outdoor location. 

Luckily, this will only positively affect your chances of a successful party! For example, you might consider planning a BBQ, drive-in event, or even add heaters under a gazebo. While you might have to wait for the perfect day to host this party, outdoor events can make everyone feel safer and looked after. 

Set Defined Rules – And Remind Your Guests of Safety Measures

No event comes without its fair share of challenges – even more so if you are planning your party or gathering in a post-pandemic scenario! However, there is a lot that you can do to earn the collaboration of your guests and run a safe and successful event:

  • Set event rules – which should include social distancing and mask-wearing
  • Remind your guests of the rules to follow with reminders and posters – add your branding or decorations to a lighthearted feel to it
  • Don’t make the entire event about the rules
  • Make sure your guests feel comfortable and feel free to report behaviours they are not comfortable with during the event

Lastly, whether you are planning a corporate event or you have decided to celebrate your wedding in 2022, communication is key. So, make sure your guests know what to expect from the event and the rules before they decide to accept or deny the invitation. After all, no event can be completely safe, and your guests need to be comfortable with the level of risk involved.


Sometimes, such as in the case of corporate events, your guest list will be fixed, and limiting the number of guests could be a social faux pas. However, if you are hosting your wedding, baby shower, or birthday party, you shouldn’t think twice about downsizing. 

After all, some of your guests might feel more comfortable meeting you after the Covid-19 emergency is over. And, don’t forget that they can still join via virtual means!

Partner With Expert Suppliers

Suppliers, specialised event hire companies, and event organisers can truly help you run a safe, successful, and enjoyable event. After all, you shouldn’t underestimate how stressful and overwhelming it can be to organise an event in this post-pandemic era. Let the pros help you and make the most of your time!

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