Tips on How to Make Remote Working Better for Older Employees

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With the pandemic hitting hard, employees were forced to adapt to working from home, something they were not entirely eager to leave. You may need to boost your employee’s productivity as they work from home permanently, especially those aged forty years and above who happen to be the most vulnerable to the virus. You have to realize that you are not going back to the way things were before the pandemic; thus, your energy must be focused on making remote working more efficient and comfortable. 

Here are definite strategies to make remote working efficient for your employees more so the aged. 

Improve the Connectivity in Your Home

Low speeds in your internet connection may hinder your work productivity as you work from home; thus, you must increase the internet speed. You can always consider network cabling and a Wi-Fi extender to ensure your connectivity remains stable as you improve the signal strength while on duty. If the connectivity remains unstable, you can consider strategies such as clearing the browser cache and cookies, restarting your devices regularly, and turning off auto-updates of apps and computer software. 

Have a Morning Routine

As you work from home, it is essential that you set the alarm and go through the regular habits that you would have if you were working from the office. Getting ready for the day will always signal you to transition from the home environment to a work environment within your house. A morning routine will also keep you energized and ready to face the day, thus no laziness that would lower your productivity. 

Make Time for Frequent Breaks

Having breaks within your house may feel pretty unusual initially, but you must have the breaks as you telecommute. Always set aside approximately five minutes between tasks to get away from your station, refresh, and relax the brain before transitioning to the next task. The freedom that comes with reflecting, resting, and refreshing will help you prevent any chance of burnout that you are likely to experience as you work for long hours. 

Employ Time Management Techniques

As you engage in remote working, it is easier to lose track, so you must incorporate a proper time management technique to monitor your time on every task. This must include even the time you spend on the breaks to avoid wasting a lot of time and beginning to panic as you get overwhelmed. A suitable method is the Pomodoro method that will have you working for approximately three hours then having a twenty minutes break. 

Designate a Workstation

Always have a separate room within your house where you can work without the interference of other family members. If you are limited by space within your home, you can just set up a spot within the living room bedroom where there are few distractions. Besides, always set a boundary and let everyone know that that spot is your home office. 


Working from home is a strategy that is widely used at the moment, and it has enhanced productivity during the pandemic. Using the techniques mentioned above will ensure you work seamlessly from your house.

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