How To Keep Your Employees Motivated At Work

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Keeping your staff motivated at work is important. Not only will it help with your companies productivity, but it will also improve your profits and staff retention. Depending on the type of people you employ at work, staff will be motivated by different things. Some by money or benefits such as health benefits, others by the way they are treated, or because you work on their development. Below are four ways to keep your employees motivated at work. 

Offer Them A Bonus

If one or a few of your employees are motivated by money, then a bonus is an excellent way to keep morale levels high and encourage them to work harder. If profits are doing well, why not offer your team a quarterly bonus. You could set them a target to aim for that if achieve they get a percentage of the profits. If you want to offer them a bigger bonus you could always do a yearly bonus or once every six months. Make sure you make the target achievable otherwise, staff may feel demotivated. 

An Extra Day Off 

For family people, an extra day off to spend with their children can mean the world to them. If you know a particular person is doing well and has children, why not let them have an extra day off during the half term to see their kids. This is a small gesture that doesn’t have to affect you financially but will mean a lot to them, keeping them and other employers motivated. If it’s a busy period, you could always let them finish work early a couple of times to pick their children up from school or start early so they can do the school run. 

Training Your Staff 

Investing in your staff training will not only help your business but also help show that you value your staff and want them to improve, helping with their career progression. Whether you run a company that manufactures skip bins or a marketing agency, there are always ways your staff can learn and grow. There are many online courses you could enroll them in that they could do at home. Alternatively, you could pay for them to do some class lessons if they prefer. If the courses are expensive, make sure they sign a contract to say they will stay with you for a certain period of time after the course, or they will have to pay it back if they want to leave. Investing in training could also increase the chances that people want to work for you, bringing in better applicants when you offer jobs. 

Tell Your Team They Are Doing Good

Sometimes the biggest reward isn’t financial. Sometimes it’s the fact their boss has called them into their office to say they are doing a great job. Have a think, when was the last time you did this? For some people, this means the world to them and really motivated them to do well. Next time you are in the office, why not call in a team meeting to tell everyone they are doing a good job. Don’t overdo this otherwise, it can mean nothing but with the right balance, it can be really effective as people will know they are doing a good job as you are telling them.

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