How to Ensure That Your Work Environment is Healthy

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When it comes to running a business, a lot of thought is put into increasing profits and enhancing productivity. However, one thing that could influence both of these factors is often overlooked; the health of the work environment and its impact on your employees.

If you want your employees to be as productive as possible and to work hard to make your business successful, then it is crucial to consider your work environment and consider how this contributes to the health and wellbeing of your employees. Making health a priority in the workplace is an excellent way to cut down on sick days and ensure that your staff can work at their best in an environment that promotes good health rather than harms it. If you are interested in ensuring that your workplace is as healthy as possible, these tips should help:

Improve Air Quality

The air quality within your building plays an essential role in the health of your employees. Having good ventilation is essential for the health of your employees. Research even suggests that having a well-ventilated workspace can improve the cognitive function of employees, along with their decision-making abilities and their productivity levels, so taking the time to take care of your ventilation systems to ensure that the airflow in your building is just right is worth the effort. In contrast, the results also suggest that exposure to carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) commonly found in office buildings decreased worker productivity.

Beware of Contaminants

While some health issues in the workplace are plain to see, others remain invisible to the naked eye but are no less of a threat. Without undertaking specific screening tests to detect potential contaminants, you may be unaware that they are there even though they could be causing health problems for your workers. 

To eliminate the possibility that you have hidden contaminants, it is wise to have the building screened. Using a corporate drug testing service to detect whether there is toxic residue from drugs such as methamphetamine in the building is vital as the contaminants can have a severe impact on health. Another essential issue to check for is asbestos. Asbestos was frequently used in construction in the past, often as roof insulation and fireproofing, but has since been found to cause severe illnesses, including cancer. If your building does contain asbestos, you would need to get this professionally removed.

Create an Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor area for your team to take their breaks in the fresh air is a great way to help your employees relax during their time off. Being outside in the fresh air can give your employee’s wellbeing a boost and also help them to return to the office feeling refreshed and ready to work.

Creating an attractive outdoor space for your team to take their breaks is an excellent way to encourage employees to take a break rather than simply staying at their desks. Taking regular breaks is essential for both productivity and health.

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