Why is WordPress so widely used?

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Although many new content management systems (CMSs) have emerged in recent years, WordPress still holds a bigger share than any other – by far.

The reason for this unshakeable popularity? Well, there are a few. Here are the main ones.

Unbeatable user-friendliness

For many people, maintaining the company website is less of a personal passion and more of a necessity – just part of their job.

Even if you’re tech-savvy and you keep up to speed with new technological developments, maintaining a website still takes time. As such, you need a CMS that makes the upkeep as simple as possible.

WordPress is designed for easy usability, with clear menus in the back end and plenty of guidance on how to post and edit content. 

So whether you’re a 100% computer-literate Millennial or a baby-boomer who feels a bit overwhelmed by the relentless advancement of technology, you’ll be able to go into WordPress and do what you have to do: maybe it’s posting a blog, or editing some information on the contact page, or uploading some new product descriptions or whatever. It’s all easy on WordPress, and every mistake is reversible.

Built for SEO

SEO – or search engine optimisation, if you’re new to all of this – should be a priority for any business that relies on its online presence as a revenue stream. The more discoverable your website is in search engines, the more relevant traffic it will get, and the more conversions it will generate.

SEO is a complicated field, with ‘on-page’ elements working on the surface while  even more technical elements work behind the scenes. 

On-page elements include things like your page title, your subheadings and the internal links that you make between your pages – in short, they’re the elements that you can control as the average user. 

Technical elements are things like the codes and scripts that make up your page, as well as the speeds at which your pages load – in short, the things that you can’t control as an average user (it’s up to your web developers to get these right).

WordPress is geared for both on-page SEO and technical SEO. It makes it easy for you to include all of the relevant information on your pages, and it’s built in a way that’s optimised for technical performance. Speaking of the latter…

Customisable for developers

As mentioned earlier, it’s up to your developers to get the technical elements of your website right. They also need to make sure that your website visually represents the look and feel of your business.

The beauty of WordPress is that it is easily customisable, making the redesign process relatively fast and easy – at least, for professional WordPress developers. And let’s face it: you will want to make aesthetic changes at some point, because website design trends are forever in flux.

It’s not just the visual elements of your site that WordPress makes it easy to change: your developer can add new functionality just as easily.

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