Turn Your Home Into a Winter Retreat: 9 Tips for a Luxurious Christmas Staycation

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The past months have been ruled by social distancing measures and lockdown rules. During this time, the role that our home and environment plays on our mental and physical wellbeing has become evident. In just a few months, our houses have become much more than just a home. 

They have turned into our offices, kindergartens, schools, and gyms. While you would have changed some aspects of your property to adapt to this new situation, another lockdown is imminent. So, getting ready for it and turning your home into the perfect luxurious retreat for this year’s Christmas staycation is a must. Start with the tips below.

Rethink Your Garden

First off, pay special attention to your outdoor area. While during summer you would have been grateful to have a garden where to spend time and enjoy the sun, this area is just as important in winter. Indeed, spending over a month indoors with limited chances of interacting with others or filling up on vitamin D is not healthy. 

So, redesign your garden and turn it into a comfortable, cosy place that will welcome you – and your guests, and the end of the lockdown – all winter long. For this, ensure the area is clean and tidy, then add lighting, heating, and furniture – and you will have a comfortable outside area where to enjoy a drink or two with your family and friends. 

Invest in a Hot Tub

The current lockdown measures have made it impossible to meet anybody else. While it might end before Christmas is here, it is good to be prepared for all scenarios. Investing in a hot tub can give you the freedom to enjoy your garden even in winter, and spend an evening or two a week in complete relaxation. Whether you prefer to enjoy this time sipping on a cup of mulled wine or you prefer drinking chocolate, the choice is all yours!

Turn Your Garage Into a Gym or Yoga Room

Keeping fit during these unusual times is crucial. Indeed, exercising can have extremely powerful effects on our bodies that often go beyond helping you keep fit. Indeed, training your body can help you feel happier, more energized, and better motivated. These are all mindsets that are especially necessary during the challenging times ahead. 

Of course, not everybody enjoys the same type of exercise, and you might even take up running during this time. However, you should also consider changing up your storage or garage room to have more space for your daily exercise. 

Soundproof Your Home

No retreat can be a real retreat if surrounded by loud noises and sounds. And, unfortunately, not everybody is so lucky to have a home set in the middle of the countryside. If your home is in a town, village, or near a noisy road, this might make it impossible for you to enjoy a relaxing time at home or in the garden. In this case, you can try using acoustic fencing to completely soundproof your environment. 

Create a Reading Corner

We all want to read more, and we all have very limited time during the day to do so. However, without the need for a daily commute or with the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home, you can now have much spare time available to you. And, there is no better way to make the most out of this time than spending it immersed in your favourite book!

Creating a reading corner allows you to avoid the distraction of staring at the TV that you are likely to have if reading in the living room. Additionally, setting up a reading corner by a window allows you to make the most out of the natural light that comes through the glass. 

Make sure you always have a blanket available – as well as a table you can use to hold your tea. 

Design a Conservatory

A conservatory or a small orangery is a beautiful addition to any home. With a limited investment, you can see the front area of your home transformed into a brighter, more spacious environment. 

For this project, you might decide to just enclose your porch as it is, which will require your minimal effort and expenditures. If you love being outside, but the cold weather makes it impossible for you to enjoy your time there, this could be an excellent choice! Just make sure the whole area is insulated, so you can enjoy it all year round!

Add Natural Elements in Your Home

Bringing natural elements and materials in your home is a great way to turn it into a more sustainable retreat. And, of course, it allows you to feel more at peace with yourself and everybody around you. 

Aside from making your home more energy-efficient and affordable, making it more eco-friendly can also bring you closer to the positive effects that nature and natural elements can have on our wellbeing. Simple additions such as plants and natural materials have the power to make you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Use Incense and Fragrances

Using fragrances and incense is a great way to get your home to smell amazing throughout the day, which is something that also makes you feel more positive and energized. Of course, it is crucial to pick those fragrances that are completely natural and positive for your health. If in doubt, opt for natural essential oils that can be used through a diffuser or even bamboo sticks. Don’t forget that each of them will have a different effect on your health and mood. Pick the right one for how you want to feel!

Add a Fire Pit or Water Feature to Your Backyard

The ultimate touch of luxury is a water feature or fire pit to set up in your backyard. They both offer you and your guests an unparalleled focal point that is bound to capture anybody’s attention. However, if you wish to add a practical and romantic feature to the garden, a fire pit offers you the best place for the whole family to gather, toast marshmallows, and enjoy time together.

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