Clean Up The Town: Helpful Ideas To Make Your Town Greener

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If you would like to work towards sustainability in your city, you may want to start by establishing sustainability circles – small groups of people who care or have unique expertise or resources about the matter at hand. Members of the ‘circle’ meet frequently at the home, community room or coffee shop of a participant to address the local issues associated with one of the sectors below. They discuss potential solutions and bring forward concrete local initiatives that would suit your particular community. Perhaps you’re a local politician that wants to make a difference, or maybe even a concerned member of the town – whichever you are, there are ideas you can put forward to make your town greener.

Incentivise the community!

While your community should naturally be concerned about the health of the planet, we, as humans, are habitual creatures. Why should they change their habits? What do they get in return (except the glaringly obvious – a greener earth)? Incentivising the community will provide better and longer lasting results. Perhaps a reduction on their tax bills, or even recycling machines that will pay out every time they recycle. Many places in countries like China have recycling machines that will pay out money when residents recycle plastic water bottles. It’s definitely something that could help kick-start your community into going green.

Clean up the water

Lakes, rivers, and even harbours all around the world are murky, oil filled, and harmful to wildlife as well as humans. Taking steps to clean the water such as hiring or buying oil water separator tech can greatly help clean up the water in your city. Plus, wouldn’t it be much nicer looking out at clearer water rather than dull and dirty water? You may also find that this may bring in more tourists to your city, which, in turn, will help local businesses in your community thrive.

Provide recycling stations

A mistake that many cities make is asking its residents to ‘go green’ but not providing enough facilities to do so. Propose more recycling vans collecting from residential and commercial properties, provide more bins, and put up signs around your city to remind people – even those who don’t live there – to recycle and help keep the town clean.

Make public transport easier

Cars are a huge factor in the damage we’re causing to the environment, and eliminating the amount of cars on the road will help dramatically. If there were more buses and trains available, the fuel consumption and emissions would drop massively, saving residents money and the environment at the same time! You could also use incentives here too for those that take public transport, walk, or cycle around as a way to reward people for their efforts in helping make your city greener.

Whether you’re a politician or a member of the community that wants to make a difference, these ideas will truly help turn your city from gas-guzzlers to a clean and green place to live.

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