Budget Friendly Ways That Your Business Can Help The Environment

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It’s sad to think that because of us, humans, that the earth is slowly dying. Unfortunately, this comes hand in hand with the loss of species, devastating weather conditions, and the horrific end to our ice caps. There’s no way of stopping this eventuality, as the damage is already done. However, there are many things that we, as a species, can do to help slow down the process of global warming and everything that comes with it, and you should be implementing these processes into your business. Even if you only run a small business, the changes you could make will make a difference and help slow down the inevitable. Making changes within your business can be costly, and that’s why we’ve found budget friendly ways that your business can help the environment.

Use natural cleaning products

Did you know that the regular cleaning products that you find on supermarket shelves and also industrial cleaning products are actually damaging to the environment, not to mention your health? The fumes that are released damage the atmosphere which, in turn, contributes towards global warming. Luckily, you can use natural cleaning products instead which are totally safe for environment. Switching to natural products will save your health, your money, and the environment!

Enter energy saving schemes

A little known fact is that there are in fact, schemes set up to help businesses like yours save money on their energy bills, all with the environment in mind. This about ESOS phase 2 guide can give you all of the information you need on entering an energy saving scheme. Their aim is to reduce energy consumption by 20% by the year 2020!

Grow your own produce

If you source ingredients for your kitchen, then it’s likely that you’re going for the cheapest price to keep profits up and spending down. However, non organic produce will have been sprayed with insecticides that damage the environment. It’s also a well known fact that non organic produce is smaller and usually less tasty. So, rather than contributing towards global warming and serving less than perfect food, grow your own produce! This way, you’ll know that none of your ingredients have been sourced from companies that are harming the environment, and you’ll save a pretty penny or two at the same time! Alternatively, source your produce from organic sources so that you know you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Go paperless

Finally, pretty much every business has some form of paperwork. Whether it be food temperatures, contracts for employees, or simply mail that comes in, it’s all contributing to the damage that’s happening to our planet. Going paperless will save you tonnes on paper bills each year, not to mention the fret of losing an important piece of paperwork. Here’s some tips on how to go paperless with your business so that you can begin making necessary changes and saving our beautiful earth!

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