How To Clearly Stand Out At An Expo

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Attending a business expo is an important part of networking and getting your name out there. It can also be used as a means to demonstrate a new product launch, to meet those in your industry, or to connect with those who already appreciate what you do. However, while an expo is often attended in good faith and with positive intentions, it’s easy to admit that most firms wish to outshine their peers and come away looking better than anyone else. It’s a simple case of hoping to climb the corporate hierarchy. If a business cannot do that through systemized or financial might, they can certain achieve a form of ‘cultural’ success to this end.

But before you achieve all of that, you have to figure out how to clearly stand out at the expo you attend. This is where you lay the groundwork. And it can be achieved, despite your nervousness, or even if this is your first expo you plan to show something off. With this following advice, you’re sure to understand how:

Dress Your Staff To Stand Out

If your staff are dressed in their own clothes, passers-by will rarely know if your stall is in action or not, or if it’s been co-opted by attendees. Dress your staff to stand out. Fun personalised hoodies can help you promote a message or a hashtag that you wish for your visitors to use, while also allowing them to stand out in the crowd. Choose a lighter color rather than a dark one, as this can help them become much more comfortable as people move past.


Giving away merchandise or freebies can help direct everyone to your stall, especially if it’s worthwhile and high-quality. Perhaps you’ll also give away your own hoodies, so everyone at the event may look like they’re part of your procession. This is sure to turn a few heads in your direction, and you can capitalize on that given attention. People enjoy gaining free stuff, so be sure to be the source of that, but to also use this in pursuit of your engagement rates. You may offer hoodies if they sign up to follow your social media profile or share a post, for example.

Social Media Promotion

Hiring influencers to advertise your presence at an expo, or using your own social media channels to do the same can help you grow and gain much more reach than you might have without these strategies. An element of surprise and a countdown can often give people much more insight and interest when considering your presence at said venue. Perhaps you wish to show something, or demonstrate a product, or simple celebrate a milestone at your firm. With a little care and attentiion, you can curate a surprising, fascinating, and direct marketing approach that requires little investment but can improve your engagement well.

With this advice, you’re sure to stand out at any expo you attend.

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