Employee Benefits To Offer Your Staff

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Staff are your number one concern when it comes to business, and that’s surprising when you think that maybe customers are. However, your staff is the cogs that are keeping the busines turning and allowing your company to exchange business with your customers. So you want to keep them sweet and happy at all times. Here are some employee benefits to offer your staff and to do just that.

Flexible Working

Flexible working is something that doesn’t work for every business but is certainly worth offering to certain members of staff if possible. Having remote working from home can be great for staff who may have other personal commitments like owning a home and having children. Two elements of life that can be unpredictable and sometimes means that they need to step out of the office for the day. Flexible working has been known to improve work relationships between staff members and the employer, so it’s worth considering if it’s an option you can give to your employees.

Outsourcing Menial Tasks

Outsourcing is great for saving money, but for existing staff members, it can be a great way of outsourcing menial tasks that are taking up hours of their working day. These smaller tasks like finances, admin and other paperwork can stop them from doing what it is they need to do to make progress. It can also be a bit of a soul-destroying task, so if you’ve got the workload that warrants outsourcing, then you may want to look at business phone systems, outsourcing IT support and other services that will make your staff’s working day a lot less cluttered.


Keeping your staff healthy is important because sick staff will result in less work being done for the company. Providing healthcare in the form of discounts or vouchers for dental care with the Dentist in Massapequa for example, or eye care can be beneficial to help those staff members in need. It’s also worth having a company doctor that staff members can go to. You’ll likely have less staff calling in sick if you’ve got a company doctor that will feedback on what’s really wrong with them.

A Free Holiday

Work-life balance is something everyone wants to master, and as an employer, you should be encouraging a healthy balance of holiday time being taken each year. A free holiday day would be a nice benefit to give your staff and something that they’re able to take off at any point in the year. You might want to figure out the allocation days as being first come first serve, so not everyone is taking off the same days.

Business Expenses

Business expenses are good to have when you’re asking your staff to conduct business outside the working hours. Not only that but if you’re expecting them to entertain clients or to spend money outside of their pay packet, you need to provide some financial remuneration.

Employee benefits are a must with any business, so give what you can and you’ll help build relationships, and respect with your staff.

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