5 Reasons to Study Criminology

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Criminology is an exciting field of study with numerous opportunities available to you after graduation and beyond. It is intellectually stimulating and will constantly be providing you will food for thought; you’ll learn to understand the criminal justice system inside and out and gain an entirely new perspective of it through your studying.

It’s an incredibly rewarding subject that is vital to our society!

Having a degree in criminology will open up your career prospects and your worldview beyond how you could ever have imagined. If you study criminology and choose to follow a career in it, you can be responsible for helping society by decreasing the number of criminal acts and criminal people. You will actively help society be better and improve in every way.

The following reasons alone will be enough to convince you to apply.

1. Variety of Career Opportunities

Graduating with a bachelor’s in criminology immediately provides you with a breadth of career opportunities for you to choose from. You don’t even need to know which you want to follow once you start your degree. Throughout the course, you will develop your knowledge of different areas of criminology and policing, and from this you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your passions and your strengths about what career path you want to take.

Once you land your first policing position after graduation, you aren’t restricted to the sector you initially decided to follow, either. With your degree, you will have a wide range of knowledge about the system and therefore have flexibility and the option to change your career direction if you so choose. A degree in criminology will provide you with the education you need to fit into the industry the way you want to.

You will even have the option to further your education if you want to with a master’s degree that will open up your options even wider.

2. Study Online

Most universities offer online programs and criminology is no different, so no matter where you live, you can find the best criminology degree course to enrol onto. Online programs offer you accessibility, convenience, and flexibility. If you want to work alongside your degree, then that option is available to you with an online degree!

You will also save time and money on relocating to a university to attend lectures and classes. When your course is available 100% online and you can complete your work online too, this makes it unbelievably easy to fit it around your current schedule and lifestyle.

You will have the same access to brilliant professors and excellent education as you would with a traditional course, it is simply much, much easier to fit an online course around your current responsibilities.

3. Make Real Change

When you start your first position in the criminology and policing industry, you will start to make a real difference to your local area and to society as a whole. The industry has a great influence on the quality of life of people; if criminal justice is being served correctly and ethically, this means people can be safer in all walks of life.

If you have a burning passion for social justice and how the justice system currently works, you can work to make effective changes on how criminology and policing operates.

4. No Experience Needed

Many courses may require you to have previous experience or qualifications related to the subject the degree is in, but various criminology degrees don’t require you to have this, which means it is extremely accessible!

It can be difficult to gather the right and relevant experience in today’s economy, which can deter many people from securing a position on a course or an employed position that they want. You don’t need to worry about this on a criminology course, though! You simply need a passion for the subject and usually a school diploma, though this varies from university to university.

There are no difficult hoops for you to jump through when applying for a criminology degree, so why not take the chance? If you graduate with a criminology degree, you will be fully prepared for the industry and the positions they offer.

5. Thought-Provoking Curriculums

The individual courses you study on the degree will, of course, vary program by program, but something they have in common is the intense intrigue and intellectual stimulus they all provide.

Whether you end up studying Mental Health and Justice or the Psychology of Crime, there will be something to keep your mind occupied as you work towards your degree. There is nothing worse than having to slog through work that you don’t find interesting or challenging, it can make the whole experience and the end result feel tainted and not worth your time, but with exciting topics like these across a variety of courses, you will enjoy every second of the degree as you learn more and more about the fascinating world of criminology and policing.

If criminology is a passion you have always wanted to pursue, then you will find the contents of a criminology course endlessly intriguing and enjoyable to work on, even when the work is difficult and requires a lot of thought and sophisticated insight.

There are so many different types of degrees out there, all different in their own ways and differing even more from each university you can study them at, but none are quite like a degree in criminology with its accessibility and the invaluable education it can offer you over the course of the degree.

If a career in criminology, policing, or both, is something that you have or are seriously considering, then studying for a bachelor’s in criminology is a great place to start; it will introduce you to the world and the industry of criminal justice and it can lead you to your dream career and your dream job.

There is no time to lose! Start working on your application and you could start learning all about the intricacies, inner workings, and the need of the justice system sooner than you think.

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