You Are Not Solely Responsible For Your Business Image

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It’s important to note that while you ARE responsible for everything to do with your business image, past certain informed decisions, you cannot predict everything. This is why it’s essential to protect yourself through careful research, through only moving forward when you are absolutely sure this is the right path forward, and generally ensuring you know how everything reflects on you.

Of course, going in with this reputation management as an absolute priority can only dispel you away from genuine action. It is much better to actually build loyalty with your clients and customers than to be seen as having great testimonials that are in fact baseless. But that being said, why not shoot for great genuine action and a great reputation at the same time?

If you wish to see what reflects on your reputation, first you need to consider what the source of this can be. From then you can make the most informed decision possible, thoroughly developing a cohesive PR mindset and preventing the worst knocks against your image.  With that being said, we would posit the following recommendations:

The Services You Use

The services you align yourself with also reflect on how you achieve something. For example, you could be the best construction firm in the business, but without excellent scaffolding services you can trust by your site, your site may be less secure and carefully thought out than you had imagined. Additionally, the delivery service you use to satisfy orders, the web hosting security platform you use, and even the company you use to cater your staff will all reflect on how you develop as a company, and just what your corporate personality is. It’s worth keeping this in mind.

Social Media PR Management

Even if you are an angelic business that is truly a force for good, you can bet that someone, sometime, will post a long diatribe as to why you are terrible for the planet, and will post that on social media for everyone to see. When this happens you have a few options available to you. First, you could ignore it, but when it gains traction you’re going to have a hard time later. Publicly responding to it, or simply responding to said claims proving them wrong professionally, in a caring manner, and offering to dispel those impressions can help you save face rather than seeming bitter and vindictive. You’re going to have dirt thrown at you regardless of the size of your operation. The element that matters is what you serve back.

The People You Hire

Remember, those you hire all have their own lives and digital presences. Sure, you shouldn’t treat them like robots without any distinct personality, or limit how they choose to express themselves. But if you see that an employee’s far-right political posts or anti-corporation ‘burn the state’ posts are reflecting poorly on you with their employment information right in their Twitter bio? It might be time to contact your human resources.

With this advice, we know you’ll manage your business image correctly.

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