Clinton Aluminum Illustrates How Manufacturing Companies Can Survive Adversity through Versatility

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Clinton Aluminum, based in Ohio, is a modern metals fabricator and dealer with a great many industrial customers. The company deals not only in aluminum, but also in stainless steel and other metals. A metals supplier can be a valuable industrial partner. This company is thriving in today’s demanding market through versatility.

Aluminum is the most plentiful naturally occurring metal on Earth. In nature, it is found in combinations with other elements, never by itself. Aluminum entered common industrial use in the 19th century.

Working Across Industries

One of the primary ways in which metal dealers and fabricators find their market niche is by working across multiple industries. Machine parts, duct work, automotive and aeronautical applications, and commercial sales of metal products are only a few facets of these companies’ success. When a company has sufficient flexibility, it is able to survive market downturns that affect only one or two parts of their business.

A Range of Alloys

Successful metal dealers and fabricators work in a number of different alloys and types of metal. Clinton Aluminum deals in a wide range of alloys in both aluminum and stainless steel. Different alloys have special properties that make them ideal for certain applications. For example, certain aluminum alloys can be ideal for molding and shaping, while others have a higher tensile strength but cannot be easily formed and molded.

When choosing alloys for their business applications, manufacturers need to be well-informed about their choices. An expert metal dealer and fabricator will be able to match the company’s need with the products they have on offer and help them make the best possible choice.

Various Strengths and Plate Types

While people who are not well-informed about the metals industry may believe that all sheet metals are the same, industry professionals know that there are a great many choices to be made. There are differences between cast and rolled metals, and each form has its strengths and weaknesses. Versatile dealers offer a broad range of metal plates in both stainless steel and aluminum. Some of these types include tooling plates, mold alloys, and marine applications.

Many Applications for Industrial Aluminum

Aluminum is an important part of the transportation industry. It has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. Since it has a lighter weight, less force is needed to move the vehicle and fuel efficiency is increased. Various alloys with other metals make aluminum stronger than in its natural form, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Aluminum is also highly corrosive-resistant. This means that fewer anti-corrosion coatings need to be applied, reducing the overall expense of the project.

Aluminum is also a vital part of the construction industry. Aluminum buildings require very little maintenance due to their corrosion resistance. Aluminum is thermally efficient, keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Aluminum is an attractive metal which can be molded and polished as necessary, adding to the building’s aesthetic appeal.

This metal is also used in the electrical industry. It has a low density which makes it ideal for long-distance power lines. This lighter weight compared to copper keeps costs down while transporting electricity with greater efficiency. Aluminum is also used in electrical appliances, motors, and power systems.

Many consumer products are also made with aluminum. Most people are aware that the aluminum foil industry provides fully recyclable, efficient, and convenient wraps, bags, and pans. Aluminum has also made great strides in the electronics sector, with Apple and Bang & Olufsen making major use of the material in their consumer products. Aluminum cans are also very common.

Aluminum can also be used by interior designers. Since the metal is highly moldable, it can be shaped into any number of decorative objects like chairs, tables, picture frames, and lamps.

Aluminum is becoming popular in the welding industry as well. This is most common in the automotive industry. Many automotive parts are fabricated from aluminum, and they should be welded with aluminum as well. This enhances the car’s tensile strength as well as keeping weight and costs down.

Choosing the Right Metal

When a customer works with a reputable metal dealer, they should be able to choose just the right material for their project. Various alloys of aluminum are ideal for different applications. A metal dealer can help a customer determine what type of plate or beam is best for their project and offer solutions for any problems the customer may encounter.

Strength through Versatility

Companies like Clinton Aluminum find that their greatest strength is in their versatility. With a broad range of alloys, plates, and bars in their inventory, these companies can service a wide variety of industries. Aluminum in particular is a highly adaptable metal which can perform a great many tasks in industry, from consumer products to aviation parts. When these companies leverage their strengths, they are better prepared to meet the challenges of today’s industrial environment.

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