Budget-Friendly Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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In the business world, you have to spend money to make money. While a great idea is critical, it won’t be successful unless people know about it. To get your name out there, you must market your business. The problem is, many entrepreneurs assume this will be costly and put the process off. While it’s true that there are many tactics you can’t afford when on a shoestring budget, there are plenty that you can too, such as a restaurant fundraiser or giving free product samples to influencers. With that in mind, here are six budget-friendly ideas.

Ask For Customer Referrals

Customers are much more likely to trust other customers than they are a company. After all, customers tend not to have an agenda, while businesses need sales to make money. For this reason, you should ask anyone that buys from you to leave a review when they do so. If you’re struggling to get these referrals, then offer a reward, such as a small discount as an incentive. 

Give Out Free Samples

Although plenty of people will make a purchase on the recommendation of others, many would rather not take this chance until they’ve tested the product or service themselves. This is why you should give out free samples or offer a trial run of whatever you sell. Most companies do this in-store, but you can do it online too. If a customer likes your product, they are likely to buy it. 

Brand The Company Vehicles

While your employees are out on the road, they can attract attention to your business at the same time. All you have to do is plaster your name and logo on the side of the vehicle. Of course, this means that you will first have to purchase a vehicle, which might mean turning to truck finance brokers. The more eye-catching the brand design is, the more attention it will get.

Host An Online Contest

Everyone uses social media these days, making it a very important marketing tool. There are a number of ways to grow your social following, with one of the most effective being hosting an online contest. When you ask your audience to share a post as entry, you massively increase your reach. This type of exposure is priceless, so the cost of the prize is more than worth it. 

Apply For Business Awards

Most industries have many different awards and competitions that you could win. While these awards sometimes come with a cash prize, what’s more valuable is the recognition for your business. Even an online badge will boost the credibility of your brand and give customers a reason to trust you. If there aren’t any awards you can apply for, then make one of your own. 

Make A Charitable Contribution

A charitable contribution should never be made just for recognition. However, that doesn’t change the fact that donating to charity can draw attention to your brand. This is why you should pick a charity close to your heart and raise money for them. If you haven’t the money to throw a fundraiser event, you could donate a percentage of your profits or put out a collection tin instead. If you need them, here are some great fundraising ideas.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With the ideas above, you can boost brand awareness, even on a tight budget.

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