What To Expect In A Job Interview

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Most of us prepare for a job interview based on our own preconceived ideas. In such a case, what might happen in an interview may be opposite and disappointing. That is why it becomes necessary to know what recruiters/hirers ask in an interview. When a person does the preparation based on this, it becomes easy to handle the interview. Read on to know what to expect in a job interview.

Interview questions that are common:

Here are the most certain things that are likely to happen in a job interview:

  1. About the candidate: The first thing the hirer expects is to know about the candidate in his own words. They need the history of career path the candidate has traveled so far in detail. Though the candidate would speak about all these, a good resume supporting these is a must. Jobsora.com come to rescue for those who cannot prepare an attractive resume. They help in highlighting the best aspects of the candidate. This fastens/improves the chance of getting the best offer. The reason is attractive resumes are often picked by good hirers. The list of things that the hirer would want to know include:
    1. Educational qualifications
    2. Extra certifications acquired by candidate
    3. Technical skills
    4. A detailed description of the role in earlier/present employments.
  2. About the hiring company: The hirer would want to know what the candidate knows about the company. They expect the candidate to speak about:
    1. The growth of the company from earlier years
    2. The present financial figures like its profits
    3. Various awards and recognitions received by the company.
  3. Candidates strengths and weaknesses: The hirer would ask the candidate to tell what he regards as the most strong skill (and) what are his weaknesses. The interviewer would want to know whether the candidate is confident of his skills. Strengths would include:
    1. Analytical skills
    2. Communication skills
    3. Leadership qualities
    4. Team Spirit

Weaknesses would be a risky area, yet the interviewer would insist upon knowing these. The interviewer would not probe positive aspects like self-criticism and perfectionism. Things like fear of public speaking, disorganized working, etc. would invite trouble.

  1. Justification for hiring the candidate: The interviewer expects the candidate to explain how he is the most suitable for the role. The answers from the candidate must relate himself to the job description and role. Quoting real-life examples from following would help:
    1. one’s career achievement
    2. job experience
  2. Questions related to challenges in the job: The interviewer would mention a few difficulties which the candidate might face like:
    1. Shift timings in the prospective role
    2. Traveling distance
    3. Extended working hours
    4. Service contract agreement etc. and ask whether the candidate can manage these. Even if a few things may not be acceptable, the hirer sees whether the candidate is reluctant. They see whether the candidate explains difficulties in a humble tone and seeks time. This gives a positive impression rather than outright denial.
  3. Further, questions from previous questions: If the interviewer wants to clarify on few things, he may ask further deep questions on these areas. For example, the topics he might touch are:
    1. why the candidate has not reached out earlier employers as rejoiner.
    2. Reason for many switch overs.
    3. Career gaps
    4. Quitting previous employment

They expect convincing and acceptable reasons like maternity grounds. Failing to convince the interviewer would likely affect the job prospect. These are the most common questions which one can expect in a job interview. Planning smart and precise answers with tact would help in winning the job. Unreliable responses and poor body language will hamper the prospects.

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