The Best Security Systems for Small Businesses & Where to Install Them

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As a small business owner, you might be concerned that burglars may break into your company and steal equipment and other supplies during the night.

While this is a reasonable concern, the Houston Chronicle notes that a significant portion of retail theft actually comes from employees. While you trust your team and despise the idea that someone you know may be stealing from you, employees can and do pilfer property, supplies, merchandise and money.

In order to help keep your small business as secure as you can — both from internal and external thieves — you have decided it is high time to install a security system.

To help make the process of choosing the best security system for your business as stress-free as possible, along with a few words of advice on where to install the cameras, consider the following tips.

Nocturnal Systems Keep a Watchful Eye Even in the Dark

One solid security camera option for any small business is a model that features Color Night Vision (CNV) technology. For instance, Lorex offers a full line of security camera systems that feature 4K resolution for super-sharp image recording using their innovative CNV technology. These nocturnal cameras feature high-powered image sensors that allow them to continue to record in color all night long with the help of some external lighting. For example, if someone is breaking into your company in the middle of the night, the camera will capture vital details about the criminals, including the colors of their clothes, hats and backpacks, as well as their getaway car. As a bonus, the security cameras are also weatherproof and vandal resistant, which makes them an ideal choice for installation outside your business.

Wire-Free Is Another Good Option

While you can’t go wrong with a wired-in security camera system like the one mentioned above (which can also be installed indoors), you may also like the ease of a wire-free option. Wire-free cameras that run on batteries can be placed anywhere in and around your business that you wish, and they can easily be moved to new locations whenever you like. If you are concerned about employee theft, you can install one in the supply room and see if you spot anything amiss.

A Few Words About Where to Install the Cameras

When installing security cameras outdoors, you want to focus on places where crooks can access the interior of your company and its supplies and equipment — doors, windows, garage bays and detached sheds or warehouses. As for placing them indoors, The Balance Small Business suggests keeping them in plain view; this alone can be a strong deterrent against theft. However, if you feel that someone may be stealing from you and you want to capture some evidence, you may find that hiding a wire-free unit, at least temporarily, is a good idea. One additional tip: security cameras should never be placed inside your company restroom as that would violate privacy laws.

Reduce Your Risk of Crime With a Security Camera

While you may wish you could monitor your business 24 hours a day, the need for sleep makes this idea impossible. Fortunately, you have a great option: installing a security camera system. Thanks to features like CNV found in nocturnal systems along with wire-free options that give you total control of where they are placed, you will have peace of mind knowing your company is being monitored.

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