6 Steps to a Brilliant Business Brochure

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Want to showcase your company’s products and services, and highlight why you’re the ones to buy from? You need a brochure! It’s the ideal way to market your business offline and can be a versatile and affordable advertising tool.

Choose a layout

Brochures are different from fliers or magazines since they are sheets with two or three folds. It’s not an in-depth catalogue, but a brief and persuasive highlight of what your business offers. Choose a layout that reflects this by making the information as accessible as possible. Break your brochure into small, digestible chunks and make use of text boxes and bullet points. Just make sure your layout isn’t too crowded; you want a design that is clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Select your visuals

Your visuals are crucial. If your brochure doesn’t have an eye-catching look, nobody will even pick it up! Bright colours and beautiful, relevant images are the way to go. Make sure they are legally yours to use, or hire a photographer to make original images.

Write to impress

Once you’ve got the layout sorted, it’s time to make sure the actual content sparkles. Before you sit down to write anything, think about the message you’re trying to convey here. If you have a company motto or tagline, this should be featured prominently. A great way to structure your content is to give a flavour of who you are as a business, then move into what services or products you offer. Include testimonials, reviews, or other social proof if relevant. Make sure you end with a call to action that aligns with the purpose of your brochure. Do you want the reader to call for a quote, or check your website for the latest deals? Make this explicit and spur them to action. A copywriter might be a worthwhile investment to make sure your content shines.

Consider colour schemes

Do you already have brand colours? You’ll want to use the exact shades in your brochure. You want to make your brochure eye-catching, but going overboard with the colours will make your business less appealing. Stick to just a few, and make sure they’re complementary. You can use a colour wheel to help pick shades that work well together.

Settle on a size

There are a few options when it comes to choosing a size. The sizing you go for will depend on the quantity of information and the number of images you want to include. Going smaller has the benefit of being more portable and also potentially cheaper, but don’t go for this option if it means cramming information. Remember, you want your design to be clutter free and visually appealing.

Get it printed

Before you print, make a trial run! There’s nothing worse than ending up with hundreds of brochures in the bin due to unforeseen white space or typos. If you’re going to be making multiple brochures over time, you might find it’s worth investing in your own equipment. Check out digital printing equipment manufacturers that can meet your needs. If you’re getting your work printed commercially, look into your options for finishes and paper choices. A glossy finish can make your brochure look professional as well as making it more resistant and long lasting.

Now you’ve got your beautiful brochures, start sending them out and causing ripples in your local area.

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