Tackle A Trade Show Like A Pro

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Even if you have never entertained the thought of heading to a trade show before, there are some benefits to be realized from flouting your wares in front of a ready made market. Foot fall is guaranteed and, get your pitch right, you can generate a variety of new leads and sales. Trade shows are no longer niche events that don’t get much exposure. Pick the right exhibition and you could be mingling with industry insiders as well as new potential customers. A trade show is the perfect tool to market your brand and get your name out there. This is ideal if you are a newly formed startup. Take a look to see how you can tackle your first trade show like a pro.

The Pitch

The chances are that you will have a small stall space in a vast sea of hundreds of small stall spaces. It’s vital that you can try to make yours stand out. Take a look at these 12 steps to accelerate your exhibition stand performance and hone your branding so that it is prominent across your pitch. Consider purchasing quality promotional material such as a banner, bunting, posters and flyers. Ensure that each of these materials has your website, contact details and message strewn across them. You need to be consistent and show off your brand. Make sure that you become synonymous with a color scheme, a slogan or a logo so that you are instantly recognizable. Those pitches with more professional looking stalls will have the most crowds flocking to them, so invest in your marketing and try to compete with the big guns.

Focus On You

A day at a trade show is long, so you need to pace yourself. Ensure that you have a backup should you be inundated with interest. You can only talk to so many people at once, so to harness the attention and ensure that the crowds don’t dissipate, a simple PowerPoint presentation on loop is perfect to hold interest. This can do the talking that you are unable to do. While not ideal, you business message and ethos can be put across via a presentation.

When you are free and can talk to the crowds, be enthusiastic, engage people with your charisma and show off your product range or the variety of services that you offer. Be ready to answer any questions, and set up an email mailing list for interested parties. Be sure to follow this up within forty eight hours to maintain momentum.


While a tad gimmicky, everyone loves a good freebie at these sort of exhibitions. Purchase some branded eco-friendly bags, and put in a branded key ring, a mouse mat, some postcards or a coaster or two. Every potential new customer who grabs one will be walking around the trade fair with your company’s name plastered over their bag – an excellent way of getting your brand across the floor space. Try to secure sales on the day with deals and discounts for early uptakers. Ensure that you follow through on that free delivery promise or ten per cent off and you could make people part with their hard earned cash on the day, making your trade show experience all the more worthwhile.

A trade show is the perfect way to get your startup noticed on the industry stage. Follow this guide and ensure that you are ready to tackle your trade show like a pro.

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