The 3 Best Countries For Working Abroad

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If you don’t like your current job and you’re looking for a career change, it’s difficult to know where to start. A lot of people decide that they want a complete change and they want to do something entirely different. That’s why a lot of people decide that they want to go and work abroad for a while. It’s also a great option for people that are studying and want to go away during the summer. You can experience a new culture, try your hand at some different jobs, and expand your skill set. Employers tend to like it as well because it means that you have more rounded job experience so it’s a good idea to do it at some point in your life. If you like the idea of working abroad, these are some of the best countries to do it in.


If you’re looking for somewhere to work during the summer, Spain is one of your best options. It’s a beautiful country with a very relaxed atmosphere and incredibly friendly locals, and there are plenty of great job options out there for you. The economy of Spain is based around tourism so there are a lot of hospitality jobs available. You should easily be able to find work in a bar or a restaurant or as a holiday rep and the working hours are ideal for a trip to Spain. You’ll still have plenty of time to relax on the beach and enjoy yourself while you’re out there so you can get a good travel experience and work to pay for it.

The UK

One thing that people worry about when they’re traveling and working at the same time is the language barrier. If you’re just visiting a country, it doesn’t matter as much but if you’re trying to work over there, you will need to know the language fairly well. If you’re not great with languages, it’s a good idea to travel to a country that speaks English, like the UK. There are some great job opportunities there and the culture is very similar so you don’t have to worry about adapting too much. There are some great companies that offer UK working holiday guaranteed jobs and accommodation so you can make sure that you’ve got somewhere to stay and some paid work lined up before you go. A lot of these jobs are in the hospitality industry as well but there is work available in all areas.


Australia is another popular place for people that want to work abroad because it’s an amazing place and it’s got a lot of different job opportunities. Hospitality is an option here as well in some of the more touristy areas but a lot of people also find tempting work in offices or work as an au pair. Working as an au pair is a great option for people because you’ll get accommodation and food paid for, plus a small wage to spend on exploring the country.

Working abroad is such a great experience and everybody should try it at least once in their lives. These are some of the best countries to do it in.

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