Can You Excel In Hospitality?

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There is something about the hospitality and tourism industry that is quite alluring. Perhaps it is the opportunity to help make wonderful memories through happy experiences for your customers? Maybe it’s more about working in a team that strives for a positive and effective customer service? Of course, there are plenty of roles behind the scenes that aren’t customer facing. Where will you excel?

Meeting, Greeting, and Delighting

Customer-facing roles are the domain of those who have a natural flair for making people feel welcome and at ease. Can this be taught? To a degree, yes, but most people that make friends easily and take the time to remember a name can do well here. Presentation and going the extra mile are essential. Can you make someone feel special and work hard to personally solve any problems that might come up?

Food and Drink

Careers in fine dining are many and varied, but good chefs take pride in their work. They seek the universities and colleges that offer quality culinary courses and master their roles. It’s a high-pressure job that can be incredibly rewarding but is certainly not for the faint hearted. The same goes for those managing bars and pubs. You need to work quickly and still offer your customers a smile. This role is more likely to be customer facing. As with the chef role, your ability to lead and manage a large team under pressure is essential.

Hotel Management

Managing a hotel is no easy feat. It usually takes years of experience before you are ready to take the reins. You are managing your team as well as your guests’ expectations from the moment they arrive. There are several good courses to choose from, but you might want to supplement your degree with an MBA or similar business studies. The key to a successful hotel is managing it like a business. This includes developing the right strategy and marketing mix to attract the clients you want.

Other Options

If you’ve had a successful career in hospitality, other industries will be keen to employ you. Customer service is just one area where you might excel. Management and leadership are other skills you might have acquired. You are likely to have other specialist qualifications and experience that could also be in high demand. These might include food handling certification or first aid. Your work in the hospitality and tourism sector could help you step up to work in many other industries.

Where To Start

Many people in this industry start with a Saturday job when they are young. That gives them the experience from the ground up to understand what makes this industry tick. From there you might specialise in catering, or you might move toward management of accommodation services. Some roles require both. There are several reputable degrees that can offer you qualification and experience in the areas you are most interested in. These are recommended if you think you might like to move up the career ladder in the future. Can you excel in the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industry?

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